Translation of own brand in Spanish:

own brand

marca propia, n.



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    marca propia feminine
    marca blanca feminine Spain
    (product/cheese) (before noun) de marca propia
    (product/cheese) (before noun) de marca blanca Spain
    • So where does this leave their own-brand products?
    • Manufacturer and retailer of own-brand ice cream.
    • In tests a supermarket own-brand shampoo priced at just 68p scored highly while a make used widely in hairdressers, and costing £9.95, performed badly.
    • Retailers have been forced to rethink their own-brand policies because of the onslaught from the German firms.
    • Marks & Spencer for example, are already using up to 30 per cent of plastic stoppers in their own-brand wines.
    • M & S said it would return to selling own-brand products in order to guarantee customer quality and value.
    • The Co-op supermarket chain announced today it has removed a range of chemicals from its own-brand household cleaning products.
    • The UK-based retailer said consumers were worried about the own-brand products, according to customer surveys.
    • As her husband's star dips, Amanda seems in the process of reinventing herself as something of a vamp, although in C-list style it is rather a supermarket own-brand version of a vamp.
    • The company had become only too aware of the power of the major retailers who had developed their own-brand ranges in direct competition with those of Heinz.
    • Promote your own-brand service using existing marketing resources
    • It instead talks about how Wal-Mart has their own-brand toys made in China, and how they sell them at a profit.
    • Some 53% of people surveyed purchased only branded items and 47% purchased both brand and own-brand products.
    • The products selected for inclusion in the survey were mainly Lidl own-brand products for ease of comparison.
    • The fat and salt levels in many own-brand products contrasted with those of well known brands.
    • Ideally, your sales targets should be specified with regard to each individual segment of your business - including own-brand products, established brands and other clearly defined areas.
    • The problem is also an opportunity - in the same period that the market depressed, our own-brand sales have grown.
    • All the toxins will be banned from Co-op own-brand products, ranging from household cleaners to fabric used in garden furniture.
    • ‘However, I am concerned that in the case of own-brand products the labels do not currently provide country-of-origin information,’ he said.
    • Axxis International is one of the country's leading manufacturers of own-brand cosmetics and toiletries.