Translation of oxyacetylene in Spanish:


oxiacetileno, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɑksiəˈsɛd(ə)lˌin//ˌɒksɪəˈsɛtɪliːn//ˌɑksiəˈsɛd(ə)lən/


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    oxiacetileno masculine
    • The oxyacetylene torch, for example, produces heat by burning acetylene gas in pure oxygen.
    • These people cut through the side of the metal store with an oxyacetylene torch.
    • The oxyfuel gas welding process uses a flux and either an oxyacetylene or oxyhydrogen gas flame.
    • We use the heat produced by the burning of acetylene in the flame of the oxyacetylene torch to make welds.
    • The success and widespread use of this method in 20th-century sculpture has depended on the invention around 1900 of fusion welding using oxyacetylene welding equipment.