There are 2 main translations of pack in Spanish

: pack1pack2


fardo, n.

Pronunciation /pæk//pak/


  • 1

    (bundle, load) fardo masculine
    (rucksack) mochila feminine
    • Taking the food out of our packs, and gathering some fresh fruit from a nearby tree, we settle down to a simple and satisfying meal.
    • Information packs on fireworks laws have been sent to all licensed retailers, and illegal traders have been warned they will be stopped.
    • I shook my head in bewilderment, stood and stretched, then gathered up my pack.
    • When a person carries a loaded backpack, the pack too moves up and down the same distance at the same time.
    • As with any heavy weight, your child should bend at the knees and grab the pack with both hands when lifting a backpack to the shoulders.
    • A council has been forced to reprint 16,000 postal voting packs after the first batch was declared null and void due to an administrative error, it emerged today.
    • We are going to make an information pack and appoint a pupil who will make sure supply teachers have any resources they need.
    • These are now planning public meetings, mass leafleting, education packs and street stalls to let as many people as possible know about the upcoming protests and events.
    • For classes, some books go on reserve, some materials go into course packs, and some copied excerpts are handed out in class.
    • The class sent away for a fundraising pack and received information and ideas as to how they could raise E1,000.
    • A walk pack including information and a sponsor form will be sent to you.
    • They will be accompanied by an information pack and sticker with the next two years' collection details.
    • The charities which benefit from the events have provided visiting speakers and information packs outlining their work and needs.
    • He denied having any part in writing the information packs and advertisements and said they were largely available when he arrived.
    • If you can haul it up yourself - or better yet, sneak it into someone else's pack - it'll keep until you cook it.
    • Two days per week, I backpack up and down stairs with 40 pounds in the pack.
    • Latimer works with peevish focus, but then suddenly she's ready, shouldering an enormous external frame pack.
    • An information pack was sent to my home before the trial but I didn't understand all of it.
    • Camelbak's biggest pack is perfect for one-day peak ascents.
    • There are additional features on some backpacks that add to the price of the pack.
    • Eight feet tall - hard to believe something like that could unfold from the small pack off of the Marine's backpack.
    • Our tester was burdened with a 10-pound snowboard strapped to his already portly pack.
    • Veon dropped to one knee and pulled his pistols out of his backpack, tossing the pack aside.
    • When your entry fee is received you will be sent an information pack confirming your venue for the first round and giving you lots of details about Westport and this great event.
    • The Pier Hotel at Harwich is already involved, and historical packs with information on the town will also be sent out to potential clients.
    • She got up, stretched, and rummaged through Seiriô's large pack.
    • However, the Minister recently expressed grave concern at the low uptake rate and launched an information pack in a bid to boost parent confidence.
    • The tree warden has an information pack and will be meeting the conservation/landscape office to discuss ideas.
    • And now that you're carrying half the weight, why use a seven-pound backpack when a three-pound pack is fine?
    • Nomination details are set out in an information pack.
    • Schwarz lead them over to the door and quickly got something out of his pack and started to pick the lock.
    • While the knife is designed for tactical backup, there's nothing that says you can't stick it in a backpack or hunting pack.
    • Pulled stitches, torn fabric, a hole courtesy of a Utah chipmunk, the 1980s vintage pack below was dumpster bound.
    • Used to be you needed one pack for two-week treks and another for weekend overnights.
    • Information packs on the 2005 awards entry forms have been sent to schools and youth groups.
    • I would be pleased to send an information pack to anyone interested in this worthwhile scheme.
    • Those schools who could not attend can collect their resource pack at the Carlow Enterprise Board office.
    • Blair gathered up his pack and opened the door, still mumbling to himself.
    • More than 60 potential buyers have signed confidentiality agreements and 37 have received information packs.
    • She pulled her sling out of her pack and gathered three or four appropriately sized stones and set out to find her dinner.
  • 2

    • 2.1(packet, package)

      paquete masculine
      a pack of cigarettes un paquete / una cajetilla de cigarrillos
      • you can buy a starter pack for £549 te puedes comprar el equipo básico por 549 libras
      • teaching pack material para el profesor
      • Julie handed me a large piece of paper divided into four parts and a pack of pencil crayons.
      • Hidden by accident under a bag of compost the assistant hadn't bothered to shift there was a pack of two earthenware wall hanging pots, the kind with one flattened side and a hole to take a wire fixing.
      • Also, if your choice for the best three stamps corresponds with the choice of the majority of participants, a collector's pack of stamps awaits you.
      • He checked his watch and walked to his dresser again for one more look before grabbing his wallet and a pack of mints.
      • The door to the apartment opened and Mr. Walker walked in carrying two bags of groceries and a separate bag with a pack of diapers in it.
      • Moose brought in a coffee can full of pens and a pack of loose-leaf paper.
      • And guess how much a pack of 10 chicken wings costs in here?
      • I picked up a battery charger and a pack of rechargeable AAA batteries.
      • I put the ashtray in the center of the coffee table and reached into the carton under the table to grab a pack of Marlboro Menthols.
      • If it doesn't contain a toy or a gadget, a pack of felt-tipped pens and a chocolate bar, it's not worth its salt.
      • A pack of four 100g boxes in the city centre costs £1.55, while just a few minutes down the road the price is £1.39.
      • Frank noisily rummages around a drawer and gets a pack of cigarettes and lights one.
      • I'd quite forgotten the thrill of opening a pack of real paper prints and strips of real negatives.
      • An iPod can store up to ten thousand songs in a gleaming white box smaller than a pack of cigarettes.
      • He pulled a pack of sugar out of the container and tore a side off of it.
      • A loaf of bread would be £1.58, a first class stamp £1.13 and a pack of batteries £21.89.
      • I collected my pack of cigarettes from the crate, shoved them in my back pocket and hoisted the garbage bag over my shoulder.
      • A pack of papers fell out into her lap, along with a single letter.
      • It comes in a flip-top box resembling a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.
      • Normally, when you buy a pack of batteries, the package will tell you the voltage and current rating for the battery.

    • 2.2British (of cards)

      baraja feminine
      mazo masculine Latin America
      mazo de naipes masculine Latin America
      mazo de naipes masculine Latin America

  • 3

    • 3.1(of animals)

      a pack of wolves una manada de lobos
      • a pack of hounds una jauría
      • to run with the pack seguir la corriente

    • 3.2(in race)

      pelotón masculine

    • 3.3(in rugby)

      delanteros masculine
      • The foundation of the Huddersfield success was a heavy pack with a powerful back row linking with well-organised half-backs.
      • It's easy to make parallels between the back rows but really a back row is only as good as the forward pack in front of it.
      • The forward packs from both teams appear to be where the strength lies.
      • Their pack won the forward battle hands down but it was period immediately before the break that ultimately decided the match.
      • A forward from the pack should lead the team and spur them on.

  • 4derogatory

    (group, collection)
    partida feminine derogatory
    panda feminine derogatory
    manga feminine Southern Cone informal derogatory
    a pack of thieves/incompetents una partida de ladrones/de incompetentes derogatory
    • a pack of lies una sarta de mentiras
    • Politicians are terrified by the prospect of the massed contempt of a pack of vociferous snobs; and so we get the sorts of public architecture and sculpture we get.
    • I gather up my trash and head back inside behind the pack of students.
    • Suddenly there is a commotion - a pack of motorcycles.
    • Just as predictably, the media pack has chased right behind the politicians.
    • If you're trying to get attention and separate yourself from the pack, picking a good name is one of the best moves you can make.
    • In plush surroundings trimmed with red carpet, the cliques of minor celebrities gather in small, self-congratulatory packs, wine in hand.
    • She gestured towards the pack of hollering boys who had their shirts off with body paint painted across their bodies.
    • Perhaps, in spite of the fact it's a pack of virulent lies, my response really will make a measurable difference in the quality and value of the products I buy every day.
    • The young often express their reverence by gathering in odorous packs and yelling loudly at bus stops.
    • There is such a great diverse and talented pack of bands here in the Twin Cities.
    • I smiled and grabbed the food going into the next room to join the pack of friends that were partying.
    • Given the choice, she would rather have been anywhere but facing the press pack last night.
    • It's fun, but not distinctive enough to stand out from an increasingly crowded pack of action titles.
    • Padlin stumbled into the pack of bettors clustered at the waist-high fence.
    • Eriksson might have been wise during that press conference to have reminded the assembled pack of an old saying: those who shout loudest often have the least to say.
    • Carolina's offense, however, ranks near the middle of the pack in most offensive categories.
    • Inside the show, it's one giant gang hug as packs of happy fans pose for snapshots with half-dressed porn stars.
    • Crowds, especially crowds that become hunting packs are very frightening.
    • Outside the elite, the next 10 teams all appear able to beat each other on any given day and this has kept a whole pack of teams in a relatively close bunch.
    • The ‘Tipton three’ may be telling a pack of lies, but this affair is so murky and so many backs are being covered that it is very difficult to form any kind of coherent judgement.
  • 5

    • 5.1(compress)

      compresa feminine
      • They are often painful, and you may wish to apply a cold pack straight after the injury.
      • You can also soothe your child's swollen parotid glands with either warm or cold packs.
      • Participants were asked to bring the plastic bag containing both saliva samples and the cold pack to the study visit.
      • If you're having a picnic, don't take perishable food such as cheese and meat out of the fridge until the last minute, and use a cool pack to keep it cold in the picnic box.
      • Patch and Pockets sat over to the side out of danger, nursing head bruises with cold packs pressed against their temples.
      • Frostbite is a recognized danger of the use of cold packs of ice therapy for sports injuries and soft tissue trauma.
      • Benign interventions include hot and cold packs, bandages, canes, lotions, vitamins and nutritional supplements.
      • Other treatments that may help include hot baths, applying hot or cold packs, and stretching or exercise.
      • Self-help measures such as fomentation, cold packs, gentle massage with topical agents to relieve pain can be very soothing.
      • Using gentle pressure, apply ice or a cold pack to the area around the eye for 10 to 15 minutes.
      • Cold packs can be applied on the area of injury to reduce the pain and oedema.
      • Suggest that they make at least six cold packs, since they could use as many as three at a time and will need to replace them after 20 minutes.
      • Soft and cuddly, our Cherry Stone Pillow Bear can be heated in an oven for a soothing source of warmth, or chilled in the freezer for a cold pack.
      • So I'd have heat around my operated leg, and then on my back I used a cold pack, so I had different zones, hot on my hip, and a cold pack under the back.
      • Clinical practitioners often use herbal compresses and packs to aid in the healing process, which can cause allergic reactions for sensitive skin.
      • Cold packs can be bought at the store, or instead, you can use a bag of frozen vegetables.
      • If not engorged, prolapses can reduce spontaneously or be rolled back using a cold pack.
      • Cold or heat packs may help relieve pain and swelling, and some people find that the natural anti-inflammatory arnica will bring relief, taken as tablets or rubbed into the body as a cream.
      • To reduce pain and swelling, apply ice or a cold pack.
      • The cold is uncomfortable, but it is important to keep the cold pack in place.

    • 5.2(cosmetic)

      mascarilla feminine

  • 6

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1Business

      (goods/products) (put into container) envasar
      (goods/products) (make packets with) empaquetar
      (goods/products) (for transport) embalar
      • Crystal agreed and she packed a tote bag with a change of clothes and hopped into her car.
      • You pack it tightly inside a sturdy container, it is extremely flammable.
      • Smaller items are packed into shipping containers for the trip back to Australia.
      • Dry them before you pack them into their containers or plastic bag and then put them in your luggage.
      • In the bedroom, my suitcase was packed with a few clothes, my radio alarm clock, some CDs, some books, my laptop and my diary.
      • The entire community mobilises to pack items for transport by mule or horse across the border.
      • Then I quickly changed my clothes and packed my backpack.
      • I've packed three bags with enough clothes to last more than two months because I'm not sure when I'll be home again.
      • By seven o'clock, Karen's bags were packed, loaded into the cab and she hugged Janine.
      • I quietly crept to my closet and I grabbed my duffle bag that was already packed with clothes.
      • Once I was sure they were there, I helped my mom pack the suitcases and bags in the car.
      • She quickly ran upstairs and packed a bag with her clothes for about a week.
      • She packed a bag of clothes, and gathered a few of her things.
      • Qualified deductions include the cost of packing and moving your household goods to your new home and the cost of transporting yourself and your family.
      • The goods are packed into ‘Aquaboxes’, which also contain a tap and filtration packet, so that they can be turned into water purification containers.
      • Will walked upstairs and changed into his normal clothes, and started packing a bag.
      • The charity is even planning a portable gym that can be packed in a van and taken to village halls in the area.
      • Katelyn walked into her room, sitting down on her bed and watching Mary pack her small pink backpack with clothes to wear while over at the Hayes.
      • His daily tasks include sorting out orders, packing the goods and transporting them to customers.
      • I packed a small suitcase, throwing my clothes inside it without any manner of care.
      • Once inspected, the quills are packed into neat, 100-pound bundles before being graded and sold.
      • I packed a bag, taking only a few changes of clothes and my wallet.
      • He had packed his chute himself before it was put into storage at the airfield ready to be used two days later.
      • He had gone down and packed it all up and had it put in storage until the day would come that he could move it all up to its new location.
      • They worked inside, in the packing houses, washing, sorting, grading, and packing oranges at a dizzying pace.
      • It is packed in an airtight container such as a foil pouch to prevent it from absorbing moisture.
      • I got up and started packing my bag, putting clothes on in the process.
      • I will certainly never be late again, even if it means having to pack an overnight bag and travel by ScotRail the night before.
      • Passengers who lied when asked why they were travelling or if they packed their own bags would be betrayed by their blushes.
      • Should we be stocking up on water and packing an evacuation bag?
      • Sharon and Jane say they would normally suggest putting items into storage or packing them away in readiness for moving house.
      • She silently packed away everything except the cotton blanket wrapped around her, a piece of delicious looking bread, and the emerald.
      • Imported apples are packed and graded using the latest technology including waxing, which gives them an extra shine.
      • They had each packed a suitcase and loaded into the minivan.
      • Unlike a lot of bands on the verge of a tour, they won't be going through the regular checklist of getting the van road-ready or packing sleeping bags.
      • Because they had been so late, their luggage had to be manually packed in the luggage compartment, thus delaying the plane for another fifteen minutes.
      • So, I finished packing my bag, with clothes, CDs, and stuff I would miss.
      • Our waiter, considerate to the last, packed the leftovers neatly into a container to be reheated at home next day.
      • If you eat a lot of ice cream the containers with lids make a great receptacle for packing the caramel corn.
      • Maybe I should pack my bag and grab the next flight north.

    • 1.2(put into suitcase, bag)

      the goods are packed ready for shipping las mercancías están embaladas y listas para ser despachadas
      • I worked packing toys trabajé embalando juguetes
      • I packed my clothes and left hice la valija y me fui
      • have you packed your toothbrush? ¿llevas el cepillo de dientes?
      • I packed the kids' lunches preparé el almuerzo de los niños

    • 1.3(fill)

      have you packed your suitcase yet? ¿ya has empacado? Latin America

  • 2

    • 2.1(press tightly together)

      pack the soil (down) firmly apisone bien la tierra
      • to pack sth into sth
      • you certainly packed a lot into your vacation no cabe duda de que aprovechaste bien las vacaciones

    • 2.2(cram full)

      pack the gaps tightly rellena bien los huecos
      • the play packed the theater for months la obra llenó / abarrotó el teatro durante meses
      • the hall was packed with people la sala estaba atestada / abarrotada de gente

  • 3informal

    (carry, possess)
    (gun) llevar
    • Such a transformation can best be realized in an existing home that's packed with stuff.
    • A word of caution: watch out if a package packs a great deal of sightseeing into the itinerary.
    • These soft cover non-fiction titles are packed with pictures and facts about interesting figures in Canadian history.
    • Its shelves are packed with files containing charts showing daily movements in ticket sales.
    • The next few weeks in Kilcoo will be jammed packed with activities and events to suit all tastes.
    • A whopping 256 nonblocking Fibre Channel ports have been packed into the system.
    • For me though, this weekend was more notable for being packed with stuff that I didn't go to, and didn't miss.
    • For a small book, Tales Of The Yorkshire Coast, packs a lot in.
    • All three slim volumes are packed with pictures old and new, and contain a treasure trove of information about both how steam engines were made and used.
    • It is packed with anecdotes from family, friends and colleagues - covering every stage of his long racing career.
    • How long can an average person survive in an airtight room that's packed with plants, assuming there is plenty of food and water?
    • It is packed with package deals for the Ryder Cup and interestingly, features hotels well away from the Co. Kildare venue.
    • Most of the CCW pistol packers I know, who pack daily, are the ones who need something stiff in their pocket to remind them of days gone by while they lust for the chance to save the day.
    • This area was packed with legends and stories surrounding plants.
    • Robert Wyatt's Cuckooland, the ‘outsider’ on the list, is packed with songs that cover diverse subjects.
    • The catalogue is also packed with wicker and sisal baskets for storage or waste paper.
    • Their mailbox is packed daily with letters from well-wishers containing prayer cards, medals and rosaries.
    • Besides the well worn dusty cowboy boots he was also packing a gun under his green T-shirt.
    • His small flat off the King's Road is packed with technical books, laptops and charts.
    • Readings, book launches, workshops, entertainment - this year's Scriobh Literary Festival is packed from cover to cover.
    • The final line-up for this year's Grassington Festival has been completed and is jammed packed with great entertainment for all.
    • Our concern is that where more stops have been packed in, or trains taken out of the timetable altogether, this will lead to more overcrowding on already busy trains.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(fill suitcase)

      hacer las maletas
      hacer las valijas River Plate
      empacar Latin America

    • 1.2

      the books packed neatly into the box los libros cupieron muy bien en la caja
      • the table packs flat for storage la mesa se puede guardar totalmente plegada

  • 2

    to pack into sth
    • the crowd packed into the station el gentío se apiñó en la estación
    • we can't all pack into one car no nos podemos meter todos en un coche

There are 2 main translations of pack in Spanish

: pack1pack2


Pronunciation /pæk//pak/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (fill with sympathizers)
    to pack a jury formar un jurado tendencioso
    • We would have worked to secure the positions of chair and secretary and tried to pack the committee with political supporters - that is, if we had any.
    • There are bound to be mixed feelings about the change from an independent CHC to a local-authority committee which is packed with politicians.
    • Sheriffs and justices of the peace retained by a lord would not be impartial: juries could be packed or intimidated.
    • And he apparently is planning to pack the court with supporters before the August referendum, thus giving his side the final say on legitimating the results.
    • The persistent charges of jury packing in Ireland led to calls for reform of the jury selection statutes.
    • He also implicitly criticised the president for packing the courts and legislature with his supporters and for bringing the army deeply into political life.
    • The government has moved to crack down on independent-minded judges, human rights groups and the media and has been accused of packing the courts with sympathetic judges.
    • Franklin Roosevelt wanted to pack the Court with New Dealers who would uphold his legislative program.
    • Meetings can be packed, democratic decisions circumvented, dissenters smeared and threatened, cheques forged and money misappropriated.
    • At the same time, oversight agencies are packed with hunters and hunting supporters.
    • Thus did I read about FDR's attempt to pack the Supreme Court, and realize what a truly frightening thing this was.