There are 2 main translations of pack in Spanish

: pack1pack2


fardo, n.

Pronunciation: /pæk//pak/


  • 1

    (bundle, load) fardo masculine
    (rucksack) mochila feminine
  • 2

    • 2.1(packet, package)

      paquete masculine
      a pack of cigarettes un paquete / una cajetilla de cigarrillos
      • you can buy a starter pack for £549 te puedes comprar el equipo básico por 549 libras
      • teaching pack material para el profesor para la enseñanza de un tema
      • Frank noisily rummages around a drawer and gets a pack of cigarettes and lights one.
      • Hidden by accident under a bag of compost the assistant hadn't bothered to shift there was a pack of two earthenware wall hanging pots, the kind with one flattened side and a hole to take a wire fixing.
      • Normally, when you buy a pack of batteries, the package will tell you the voltage and current rating for the battery.
      • A pack of four 100g boxes in the city centre costs £1.55, while just a few minutes down the road the price is £1.39.
      • If it doesn't contain a toy or a gadget, a pack of felt-tipped pens and a chocolate bar, it's not worth its salt.
      • I put the ashtray in the center of the coffee table and reached into the carton under the table to grab a pack of Marlboro Menthols.
      • I'd quite forgotten the thrill of opening a pack of real paper prints and strips of real negatives.
      • Moose brought in a coffee can full of pens and a pack of loose-leaf paper.
      • He checked his watch and walked to his dresser again for one more look before grabbing his wallet and a pack of mints.
      • Also, if your choice for the best three stamps corresponds with the choice of the majority of participants, a collector's pack of stamps awaits you.
      • I collected my pack of cigarettes from the crate, shoved them in my back pocket and hoisted the garbage bag over my shoulder.
      • He pulled a pack of sugar out of the container and tore a side off of it.
      • Julie handed me a large piece of paper divided into four parts and a pack of pencil crayons.
      • A pack of papers fell out into her lap, along with a single letter.
      • The door to the apartment opened and Mr. Walker walked in carrying two bags of groceries and a separate bag with a pack of diapers in it.
      • And guess how much a pack of 10 chicken wings costs in here?
      • I picked up a battery charger and a pack of rechargeable AAA batteries.
      • An iPod can store up to ten thousand songs in a gleaming white box smaller than a pack of cigarettes.
      • It comes in a flip-top box resembling a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.
      • A loaf of bread would be £1.58, a first class stamp £1.13 and a pack of batteries £21.89.

    • 2.2British (of cards)

      baraja feminine
      mazo masculine Latin America
      mazo de naipes masculine Latin America
      mazo de naipes masculine Latin America

  • 3

    • 3.1(of animals)

      a pack of wolves una manada de lobos
      • a pack of hounds una jauría
      • to run with the pack seguir la corriente

    • 3.2(in race)

      pelotón masculine

    • 3.3(in rugby)

      (masculine plural) delanteros
      • The foundation of the Huddersfield success was a heavy pack with a powerful back row linking with well-organised half-backs.
      • It's easy to make parallels between the back rows but really a back row is only as good as the forward pack in front of it.
      • Their pack won the forward battle hands down but it was period immediately before the break that ultimately decided the match.
      • The forward packs from both teams appear to be where the strength lies.
      • A forward from the pack should lead the team and spur them on.

  • 4derogatory

    (group, collection)
    partida feminine derogatory
    panda feminine derogatory
    manga feminine Southern Cone informal derogatory
    a pack of thieves/incompetents una partida de ladrones/de incompetentes derogatory
    • a pack of lies una sarta de mentiras
  • 5

    • 5.1(compress)

      compresa feminine
      • They are often painful, and you may wish to apply a cold pack straight after the injury.
      • Self-help measures such as fomentation, cold packs, gentle massage with topical agents to relieve pain can be very soothing.
      • If you're having a picnic, don't take perishable food such as cheese and meat out of the fridge until the last minute, and use a cool pack to keep it cold in the picnic box.
      • Participants were asked to bring the plastic bag containing both saliva samples and the cold pack to the study visit.
      • Cold packs can be bought at the store, or instead, you can use a bag of frozen vegetables.
      • To reduce pain and swelling, apply ice or a cold pack.
      • Using gentle pressure, apply ice or a cold pack to the area around the eye for 10 to 15 minutes.
      • Patch and Pockets sat over to the side out of danger, nursing head bruises with cold packs pressed against their temples.
      • Frostbite is a recognized danger of the use of cold packs of ice therapy for sports injuries and soft tissue trauma.
      • Suggest that they make at least six cold packs, since they could use as many as three at a time and will need to replace them after 20 minutes.
      • You can also soothe your child's swollen parotid glands with either warm or cold packs.
      • If not engorged, prolapses can reduce spontaneously or be rolled back using a cold pack.
      • Cold or heat packs may help relieve pain and swelling, and some people find that the natural anti-inflammatory arnica will bring relief, taken as tablets or rubbed into the body as a cream.
      • Benign interventions include hot and cold packs, bandages, canes, lotions, vitamins and nutritional supplements.
      • Cold packs can be applied on the area of injury to reduce the pain and oedema.
      • So I'd have heat around my operated leg, and then on my back I used a cold pack, so I had different zones, hot on my hip, and a cold pack under the back.
      • The cold is uncomfortable, but it is important to keep the cold pack in place.
      • Other treatments that may help include hot baths, applying hot or cold packs, and stretching or exercise.
      • Clinical practitioners often use herbal compresses and packs to aid in the healing process, which can cause allergic reactions for sensitive skin.
      • Soft and cuddly, our Cherry Stone Pillow Bear can be heated in an oven for a soothing source of warmth, or chilled in the freezer for a cold pack.

    • 5.2(cosmetic)

      mascarilla feminine

  • 6

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put into container) envasar
    (make packets with) empaquetar
    (for transport) embalar
  • 2

    (put into suitcase, bag)
    the goods are packed ready for shipping las mercancías están embaladas y listas para ser despachadas
    • I worked packing toys trabajé embalando juguetes
    • I packed my clothes and left empaqué (mi ropa) y me fui
    • have you packed your toothbrush? ¿llevas el cepillo de dientes?
    • I packed the kids' lunches preparé la comida de los niños para llevar al colegio etc
  • 3

    have you packed your suitcase yet? ¿ya has empacado? Latin America
    • she threatened to pack her bags unless … amenazó con irse (/ dejarlo etc. ) si no …
  • 4

    (press tightly together)
    pack the soil (down) firmly apisone bien la tierra
    • to pack sth into sth
    • you certainly packed a lot into your vacation no cabe duda de que aprovechaste bien las vacaciones
  • 5

    (cram full)
    pack the gaps tightly rellena bien los huecos
    • the play packed the theater for months la obra llenó / abarrotó el teatro durante meses
    • the hall was packed with people la sala estaba atestada / abarrotada de gente
  • 6informal

    (carry, possess)
    (gun) llevar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (fill suitcase)
    hacer las maletas
    hacer las valijas River Plate
    empacar Latin America
  • 2

    the books packed neatly into the box los libros cupieron muy bien en la caja
    • the table packs flat for storage la mesa se puede guardar totalmente plegada
  • 3

    to pack into sth
    • the crowd packed into the station el gentío se apiñó en la estación
    • we can't all pack into one car no nos podemos meter todos en un coche

There are 2 main translations of pack in Spanish

: pack1pack2


Pronunciation: /pæk//pak/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (fill with sympathizers)
    to pack a jury formar un jurado tendencioso