Translation of package in Spanish:


paquete, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈpakɪdʒ//ˈpækɪdʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(parcel)

      paquete masculine
      • Don opened the brown paper wrapped package slowly, and undid the tape on a box inside of it.
      • Ari found the suspicious package in a cardboard box and immediately reported his discovery to the police.
      • The firm also received a major contract allowing them to deliver parcel packages for Fed-Ex.
      • By the time he hits Finland, he's barely stopping long enough to offload packages and parcels.
      • ‘Here, I got you a little something,’ she says, handing me a flat, square package.
      • ‘Happy Birthday,’ she said quietly as she took out a wrapped package from her bag and handed it to me.
      • The vehicle then loads up the packages and parcels at Hartlebury which are intended to be distributed from the sub-depot from which it made collections earlier in the night and takes them to that sub-depot.
      • Teamsters truck drivers who deliver packages for United Parcel Service, for example, have said they will honor the janitors' picket lines.
      • By the 1890s, the US government was sending out millions of packages containing packets of several different seeds each year.
      • Don't leave wrapped packages or shopping bags on car seats where they can entice thieves.
      • ‘He got me a present,’ the short-haired youth muttered, staring in disbelief at the wrapped package in his hands.
      • Does the final pack or package include just the tray, or the tray and header bag, or the shelf pack too?
      • The company is now tracing all the parcels and packages that were at the warehouse, and will be tracking down and informing affected businesses and individuals.
      • For those who are not acquainted with Christmas crackers, they're little packages in garish paper.
      • Also, passengers should not go to the airport with wrapped packages.
      • Inside the box was a package wrapped in silver paper, tied with a silver bow.
      • In December, we mail a holiday package - a fun, clever gift along with a video of the summer - to each of the previous season's staff.
      • Next to her place was a dry goods store where they still wrapped your packages in brown paper before sending you home.
      • Our Hall Ings and district offices have been overwhelmed with parcels, packages, carrier bags and boxes of items sent in by individuals, families, companies and organisations.
      • So that means going back through every package sent and being prepared to document the postage, the recipient, the purpose, etc.

    • 1.2US (packet, carton)

      paquete masculine
      • For years - decades, perhaps - every package of chopsticks I've ever seen around here has come in the same red wrapper.
      • A package of blank photo paper, which also includes the dye supplies, consists of 36 pieces and costs Rp 130,000.
      • The sealed package of papers dates from between 2013 and 2019 and archaeologists speculate it may have been deliberately buried for historians of the future.
      • A bulk package of 8 paper towel rolls costs around $5, and makes somewhere around 900 wipes.
      • The Pica Limon came in a package very similar to Pico Diana; very small individual packets full of powder.
      • She flung her package of photography paper onto the counter.
      • You could try to agree with that neighbor to grow the same variety of corn, but if they don't respond to diplomacy, buy a package of old fashioned paper lunch bags.
      • We went to operations, and the first pilot was given a package of papers.
      • Cael opened the package and took out the small packet of flavoring, setting it on the counter as Vincent followed his instructions.
      • Edelman is also hoping that the recent increases in the cost of a package and carton of cigarettes will keep some youngsters from starting the habit.
      • Rowena found packages of paper plates, cups, napkins, and plastic forks; she was just setting the napkins out in a fan when Eloise came by.
      • I discreetly tested my mind-control abilities on the Princess, by willing her to ask for a package of peanuts - the experiment was not a success.
      • All I needed was a new binder, a few packages of binder paper and a package of black inked pens and I would be ready to roll.
      • After gulping down half the can I shuffled through a few cupboards until I found a package of peanut butter crackers.
      • The system converts voice into Internet data packets - little packages of data that go to and fro on the Net - and vice versa.
      • Noah grinned and tossed her a package of paper napkins.
      • When they were done I ordered the salad, a bottle of water and a package of M & M Peanuts.
      • You see, the peanuts didn't have a set price - you'd just toss some change into the can and take a package of peanuts.
      • Kozinski ripped open a package of printing paper and thumped the stack against a table to align the edges.

  • 2

    • 2.1(collection, set)

      paquete masculine
      a software package un paquete de software
      • a package of reforms un paquete de reformas

    • 2.2British informal (vacation)

      viaje organizado masculine
      a two-week package to Tenerife un viaje organizado de dos semanas a Tenerife
      • package vacation / holiday (of area, country) viaje organizado
      • There is an interest in these forms of tourism as part of packages for tourists.
      • Monte Bondone is not a resort, and the holiday package caters exclusively for single adults.
      • You should see his vacation packages… everything about the transfer would be to our benefit.
      • Online customers also will have a chance to win trips and vacation packages to Marriott Resort Hotels or a grand prize of a VIP trip to the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
      • Themed tour routes, which include tours of Joburg's mines and Soweto's historical Vilakazi Street, were being explored as packages to market to tour operators.
      • Vacation Outlet sells both resort packages and cruise vacations.
      • Lighthouse tours were included in my vacation package and I was in the mood for sightseeing.
      • A special feature this time round provides an insight into how tour operators put your holiday packages together.
      • Additionally there will be handsome trophies and holiday packages to Sri Lanka resorts.
      • As part of their holiday package, David and Eve will get the opportunity of climbing the famous arch of Sydney Harbour Bridge; the deal also includes a sunset dinner cruise.
      • I am a business traveler and have no wish for a vacation package.
      • Grand prize is a vacation package for two upper class tickets to the U.K. and hotel accommodations, and a signed guitar from the band Travis.
      • To greet the Labour Day break, Shangri-La, the largest hotel group in China, is launching a special package for holiday-makers.
      • Three-day family vacation packages cost $155 per person, including activities and meals.
      • The number of Irish tourists there is likely to be small, according to Budget Travel, because Irish tour operators do not provide holiday packages to Turkey in the winter.
      • They focused on all-inclusives and vacation packages, deciding on an all-inclusive resort in Antigua.
      • Bulgarian tour operators have negotiated good ski tourism packages in Helsinki, Todorov said.
      • The peace and quiet of the North Coast of Bulgaria is a choice that many make based on its luxurious holiday packages, tour operators and foreign guests.
      • The second package leaves Dublin for London and on to Istanbul from May 13 to 16 inclusive.
      • The Hawaii vacations, Hawaii cruises and Hawaii vacation packages are one of the most sizzling tourism deals.

transitive verb

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  • 2

    the product is attractively packaged la presentación del producto es atractiva
    • she was packaged for the leadership le crearon una imagen de líder
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    (in publishing)

    encargarse de la producción de un libro