There are 2 main translations of pad in Spanish

: pad1pad2


almohadilla, n.

Pronunciation /pad//pæd/


  • 1

    almohadilla feminine
    shoulder pads hombreras feminine
    • knee pads rodilleras
    • shin pads espinilleras
    • thigh pads musleras
    • After surgery, a pad or clear piece of surgical tape may be put across your eye to protect it.
    • Fold a paper towel or cloth to make a thick pad, as large as the label.
    • For edging, cutting in and painting flat trim, foam pads provide a convenient alternative to brushes.
    • A squeeze bottle of water and a bucket, obviously for waste elimination, were nearby, and there was a thick pad of foam insulation for him to lay on.
    • The basic material in both pads is soft and springy.
    • Unlike road cars that usually use steel brake discs and an organic pad material, F1 cars use carbon discs and carbon pads.
    • The pad is three inches thick, a third of which is closed-cell foam.
    • Intervertebral disks are soft, cushion-like pads between the bones of your spine (vertebrae).
    • It also has thick pads on its bottom and inside for optimal bowling-shoe protection.
    • Preformed silicone heel pads designed to absorb shock and distribute weight can provide significant pain relief.
    • Like before, after you have put the case where it is going to stand permanently, you can unfold the thick rubber pads to prevent any vibration of the case.
    • Thick foam, gel pads, and extra linen increase the distance between the patient and electrode and should not be used.
    • Cut the pad shapes to form placemats and arrange them on your table.
    • In a second experiment, branchlets were excised from harvested broccoli heads and placed on moistened sterile pads inside plastic pillows.
    • The pad shapes itself to your leg and the bottom can go inside a sock.
    • The huge contact area and large gaps between the processor and the heatsink require a thermal pad or thick mesh-reinforced paste.
    • First, the normal saline and sterile gauze pads needed for the dressings usually are inexpensive and readily accessible in health care facilities.
    • Place the end of the plunger on a rubber pad or piece of rubber shelf liner on a table.
    • If the person is bleeding, cover the wound with a gauze pad or a thick, clean piece of cloth and press on the wound hard enough to stop the bleeding.
    • First you take an abrasive pad and roughen the material to provide a better gluing surface.
  • 2

    (of paper)
    bloc masculine
    • Sitting down in a soft looking patch of grass below a window, she pulled out her drawing supplies and opened the pad to a blank page.
    • He pulled out several pads of spent drawing paper, some bound with twine, others filled with loose pages.
    • Each was bound along the left ledge with the kind of rubbery glue used to bind a pad of writing paper and featured jokes and an occasional smidgen of story.
    • While I still in my heart of hearts prefer to work with pencil and lined pads of yellow writing paper, I'm just as likely to sit in front of a blank screen and key in the words there.
    • And they also spent some time either writing or sketching things on some pads of paper they now had with them here.
    • Theo thanked the man as he handed her a small white sheet of paper from the pad he was holding in his tired hands.
    • At one point, he noisily rips a sheet of paper off his pad.
    • Before every number, Stipe ripped a sheet of paper from a pad with camp theatrical flourish.
    • Just then his brother walked into the room; he quickly flipped the drawing pad to a blank page.
    • He asked, poising his pen over a small pad of white paper.
    • She turned to her paper pad with the little drawing of the street.
    • Edella beams, but doesn't look up from her yellow pad of paper and little drawings.
    • I tore a sheet of paper from the pad and began my message.
    • Then I sit down at my desk and stare at a blank pad of paper until I can get myself going.
    • Natasha left me with a pad of paper and some writing utensils, some colored wax, and I've taken to drawing.
    • So she gently ripped out a sheet of graph paper from her drawing pad and started drawing again.
    • He could sit down with a drawing pad and sketch out almost every movement of a game.
    • He squinted and turned the pad of cloud notebook paper over, trying to read her handwriting.
    • Emma sat at the edge of the forest with a pad of paper on her lap, a cup of water in the sand, a paintbrush in one hand and a plastic tray filled with colors in the other.
    • Her hands fell limply into her lap and the drawing pad slipped to the floor, sheets of paper spilling out around her feet.
  • 3

    • 3.1dated slang

      (house) casa feminine
      (house) bulín masculine River Plate informal
      (apartment) apartamento masculine
      (apartment) bulín masculine River Plate informal
      • David, 48, a university professor, bought the two-bedroom Victorian terraced maisonette as a bachelor pad seven years ago.
      • However it is ideal as a bachelor pad or as a starter home.
      • Apparently, this well-heeled, green-fingered chap is so proud of the vastness of the garden at his country pad that he has applied for an EU grant to help to develop it.
      • Sweet covers a vast range of houses, from waterside family homes to urban bachelor pads, each with its each unique slant on the Scandinavian style.
      • Stately homes, luxury country pads, five-star hotels and even budget youth hostels are lining up to provide race fans accommodation.
      • So take advantage while you can because you may eventually be moving from a bachelor pad to sharing an apartment with your girlfriend.
      • Conran originally planned to turn the house into a bachelor pad - the basement was to be a party room but is now a family room.
      • In Knutsford, which is more renowned for its millionaire pads than cheap starter homes, some estate agents say that they haven't sold to a first-time buyer for over six months.

    • 3.2US dated slang (bed)

      catre masculine informal

  • 4launch pad

    plataforma de lanzamiento feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(line)

      (panel/seat) acolchar
      (panel/seat) enguatar Spain
      to pad a carpet colocarle fieltro por debajo a una alfombra
      • The tables are large, the wicker chairs are padded and comfortable and the service personnel were happy, dressed in bright floral outfits.
      • The Morris chair has padded armrests and detachable cushions on the seat and back.
      • The clamping parts are well padded to protect the gun.
      • The plot, such as it is, doesn't take up much time, so Tarantino pads his scenes out, sometimes effectively, sometimes less so.
      • Both will be wearing padded chest protectors and head shields.
      • Adequate ventilation is to be ensured and the vehicles should have padded sides or bedding on the floor so that the animals do not slip and fall.
      • The legs are painted khaki green and the top is padded and upholstered.
      • Slamming the door as the postman was just starting to exchange pleasantries about the weather, I tore open the small padded envelope.
      • I've got a page full of ideas - it's just a matter of working out where I'm going to get the information from to pad them out properly.
      • So, how can I pad this out a bit and make it interesting?
      • Thick leather material padded the poles where I would expect the hands and nose to be.
      • The bottom of the case has four padded feet, which protect the bottom from getting scuffed up.
      • Then he just padded it out to four times its proper length for a feature film.
      • The soft material that used to pad sharp corners has been ripped off and not replaced.
      • Tables are decked out with blue covers, and the seats are also padded and covered.
      • The heavily padded gloves used in boxing are actually employed to protect the boxers' hands, not their opponents' face and body.
      • The inside is padded with soft cotton and hand-sewn to a leather sole.
      • Honestly, this movie doesn't even really have jokes: it sets up comic situations every now and then, pads them out endlessly looking for something funny, then, not finding a joke lurking anywhere, the film sullenly moves on.
      • The inside was also padded and lined with curious little projections.
      • The rest of his account is padded out with speeches: a pity, since the family memoir works well on its own and is of more enduring interest.
      • The ground around the trees was deeply padded with beds of fallen pine needles.
      • In order to pad the movie out to a reasonable length (rather than having it end after 70 minutes), a middle act has been added that was not in any of the previous incarnations.
      • It has padded shoulder straps, the covering material is indestructible with a centered carrying handle.
      • Hmm, I wonder if that's because of the extra fold of material that nicely pads my hips a bit?
      • The chair and sofa were thickly padded, covered with real Ahlbetera leather, the furniture made of real wood.
      • I've done a bit of stuff for a TV show where I was hired as a ringer to come in and pad it out with some extra jokes.
      • The tables are covered with green tablecloths and the wooden chairs have nice padded cushions which invite you to stay awhile.
      • Of course, one of the problems with adapting a short story into a feature length film is the necessity to stretch and pad the story out.
      • Bending easily without falling off, she padded a soft material over the wire and fastened it together.
      • All I need to do is get some clip-art to pad it out, and re-write some pages.

    • 1.2padded past participle

      (armrests/jacket) acolchado
      (armrests/jacket) enguatado Spain
      (envelope) acolchado
      (bra) con relleno
      a coat with padded shoulders un abrigo con hombreras
      • padded cell celda de aislamiento

  • 2

    (essay/speech/film) rellenar
    (film/essay/speech) meter paja en informal
    • The goal is to quickly pad the traveler's frequent-flier accounts with lots of miles - but for not a lot of cash.
    • For 10 years I climbed up the corporate ladder and filled my house with treasures and padded my bank accounts.
    • I'm sure there are some legitimate ones, but my Japanese friends tell me most are ripoffs, padding the bill with all kinds of special services that aren't that special.
    • He also alleged widespread professional mischief, including padding bills and keeping animals for ransom.
    • Doing the job herself allowed her to pad out her expenses claim with fictitious expert help.
    • To hide the bills from her family, she embezzled US $241,061 from the company over three years by padding her expense account, authorities said.
    • In addition to padding his expense accounts, he is guilty of slanting and exaggerating some of his glibly written articles.
    • But don't add customers just for the sake of padding the client list and the sales figures - as numerous models demonstrate, cash flow is king.
    • The city claims that Carvin showed poor judgment and overstepped his authority in raising issues of attorney bill padding.
  • 3US

    (bill/invoice) cobrar de más en
    (invoice/bill) inflar

There are 2 main translations of pad in Spanish

: pad1pad2


andar, v.

Pronunciation /pæd//pad/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (con paso suave) caminar
    he padded into the room entró en la habitación sin hacer ruido
    • She heard a door open and soft footsteps padding down the hall and stairs towards the kitchen.
    • Emanuelle walked into her living room, her soles padding softly upon her carpet.
    • Wrapping the biggest, fluffiest towel I'd ever seen around my body, I stepped out and padded over to the fog free mirror.
    • Pak Rabun was padding along the mulch in the sparse undergrowth when he stopped and went tense.
    • So I waited for a while longer, and then got up with a roll of my eyes and padded along the corridor.
    • I padded along the corridor and put my head round the door.
    • Kate walked softly, her black suede shoes padding faintly on the hardened ground.
    • Mrs. Hollington walked into the kitchen, padding softly across the tiled floor.
    • Her feet made barely a sound as she padded across the living room.
    • The paw was about the size of my hand, and I imagined that foot silently padding through the forest in search of a meal.
    • Opening my bedroom door, I stepped out and padded across the floor to the kitchen, flicking on the small light on the side.
    • Walter chuckled and continued to walk, and Edie padded along with him, wide-eyed in amazement.
    • She ascended the staircases and padded along the shadowy corridors, making her way back to her bedchambers.
    • I open the door to Jake's room, and walk out into the hallway, padding down the stairs slowly.
    • She walked that way too, her feet making no sound as they padded along the hardwood floor.
    • He padded along silently, and the only sound was that of our breathing.
    • Making hardly a sound, she padded across the room and then stopped suddenly and frowned down at her feet.
    • She could hear the door to Claire's room open and the soft footsteps padding down the stairs.
    • Scott and Aaron, meanwhile, were padding along, toasty as English muffins, as blithely as if they were at home in their bedroom slippers.
    • He could hear Brian's niece shuffling about, the soft heels of her shoes padding against the carpet.