There are 2 main translations of pad in Spanish

: pad1pad2


almohadilla, n.

Pronunciation: /pæd//pad/


  • 1

    almohadilla feminine
    shoulder pads (feminine plural) hombreras
    • knee pads rodilleras
    • shin pads canilleras
    • thigh pads musleras
  • 2

    (of paper)
    bloc masculine
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (house) casa feminine
      (house) bulín masculine River Plate informal
      (apartment) apartamento masculine
      (apartment) bulín masculine River Plate informal
      • In Knutsford, which is more renowned for its millionaire pads than cheap starter homes, some estate agents say that they haven't sold to a first-time buyer for over six months.
      • So take advantage while you can because you may eventually be moving from a bachelor pad to sharing an apartment with your girlfriend.
      • However it is ideal as a bachelor pad or as a starter home.
      • Apparently, this well-heeled, green-fingered chap is so proud of the vastness of the garden at his country pad that he has applied for an EU grant to help to develop it.
      • Stately homes, luxury country pads, five-star hotels and even budget youth hostels are lining up to provide race fans accommodation.
      • Sweet covers a vast range of houses, from waterside family homes to urban bachelor pads, each with its each unique slant on the Scandinavian style.
      • David, 48, a university professor, bought the two-bedroom Victorian terraced maisonette as a bachelor pad seven years ago.
      • Conran originally planned to turn the house into a bachelor pad - the basement was to be a party room but is now a family room.

    • 3.2US (bed)

      catre masculine informal

  • 4

    plataforma de lanzamiento feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

  • 2

    (panel/seat) acolchar
    (seat/panel) enguatar Spain
    to pad a carpet colocarle fieltro por debajo a una alfombra
  • 3

    (jacket/armrests) acolchado
    (jacket/armrests) enguatado Spain
    (envelope) acolchado
    (bra) con relleno
    a coat with padded shoulders un abrigo con hombreras
    • padded cell celda de aislamiento
  • 4

    meter paja en informal
  • 5US

    (invoice/bill) cobrar de más en
    (invoice/bill) inflar

There are 2 main translations of pad in Spanish

: pad1pad2


andar, v.

Pronunciation: /pæd//pad/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    he padded into the room entró en la habitación sin hacer ruido

    con paso suave