Translation of padre in Spanish:


capellán, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑːdreɪ//ˈpɑdreɪ//ˈpɑːdri/


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    capellán masculine
    • While he is the Catholic Chaplain, and there are a number of other denominations among the coalition of the clergy, Father Pat believes the padres offer more than just spiritual guidance.
    • He kept close to his side a Church of Scotland padre, the Reverend George Duncan, who inadvertently reinforced his sense of divine inspiration.
    • The heartening thing about this (bishops, take note) was that padre could preach on this and he was well-received.
    • Also part of the park, this was the last of California's missions; it remains one of the best preserved, with a simple chapel, padres ' quarters, and a garden.
    • All in all it was a most enjoyable evening for a very popular and gentle padre.
    • She wrote to the padre of the nearby church, and he knew of the team investigating the nearby crash site.
    • The countryside has changed little since Franciscan friars established the first of 22 missions in the area at the turn of the 18th century, and the native grapes were harvested for drinking at mass held by San Gabriel padres.
    • He is a humble man and a down-to-earth padre, who displays respect for all he serves with, regardless of rank or background.
    • It was in a spot like this that Illyn experienced the epiphany that led him to become God's padre of wild places.
    • College padre Father David Kelly told how Anglican-raised Mr Hilder had decided to make the move to Catholicism two years ago after feeling ‘stronger and stronger’ about his beliefs.
    • Following the Spanish conquest of Mexico, Roman Catholic priests, called ‘friars’ or padres, spread northward into what today are the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.
    • The farther west the preachers and padres rode the less evidence they found of Christianity, not just in the rail towns but also in the frontier settlements a day's ride from the depots.
    • And that's how the padre, and his church, started receiving help from Americans.
    • After noon mass, I asked padre for the sacrament of anointing since I have a bad cold and needed my voice for the weekend.
    • We had on the campus a little building which was the church, which we used as a little church, and we had our own padre, a young man by the name of Mike Brookes.
    • Later the padre and I wheeled the brass eagle lectern from the church to St Oswald's Church, Fulford, where it is still used.
    • As the padre sat alongside the bed, he held the lad's hand.