Translation of paean in Spanish:


canto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpiən//ˈpiːən/



  • 1

    canto masculine
    himno masculine
    he expected a paean of praise esperaba un panegírico
    • The film, then, works both as a paean to old age and a bittersweet look at a bygone era.
    • The whole production, really, is a paean to the beauty of Olivia, who, as played by Blais, displays none of the blandness this character sometimes falls into.
    • Watch the heritage programmes that fail to enliven our television viewing and you will hear paeans of praise for the most ghastly buildings whose only merit is their decrepitude.
    • But despite these revelations, the novel is a paean to the power of the aesthetic.
    • Interwoven with the tale of the group sighting the great bustard is a paean to the kind of childhood that has all but disappeared, and a study of a father-and-son relationship of both huge emotional distance and tender intimacy.
    • But the book was ultimately a paean to man's fighting spirit.
    • In a space stripped of its Catholic and royal decoration, the tomb became a secular paean to a republican hero.
    • Many people have tried to write paeans of praise to horses, but few have succeeded like Ronald Duncan in his Ode to the Horse.
    • How odd that an assignment to write about a film I'd never seen turns into a paean to the one movie I've viewed more often than any other - and will doubtlessly see repeatedly long before Nashville enters my thoughts unsolicited again.
    • This novel is a dreamy paean to a place that at times seems to transcend the bounds of reality.
    • Instead, the book is a paean to family, the navy and heroism.
    • All the poems are short paeans to the indomitable courage of ordinary suffering people.
    • Many of his poems are on one level paeans to the existence of colour, the apprehension of which often provides the substance and the occasion of poetry.
    • The first few minutes of the film are a paean to romantic love, recreating that intensity and joy with disarming simplicity.
    • In its fuller exposition, the poem is a paean to the westward expansion of the country.
    • The movie Hoosiers is a paean to basketball in Indiana, a fable born of reality, the Cinderella heroes coming from a small town named Hickory.
    • These films are a steady countercurrent to the seemingly endless paeans to World War II, a recognition that there have been quite a few wars and generations since the ‘greatest.’
    • The book is an unabashed paean to the actresses, and their roles, who account for so much of its interest.
    • Its central atrium is literally breathtaking, a joyous paean of luminous space, with which the office floors engage in terraces, balconies and platforms.
    • The play is a character-driven comedy but also becomes a paean to the joy that achieving even modest goals can bring.