Translation of pageboy in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpeɪdʒbɔɪ//ˈpeɪdʒˌbɔɪ/


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    peinado a lo paje masculine
    corte a lo paje masculine
    she wears her hair in a pageboy lleva el pelo a lo paje
    • Wondering why she hadn't gotten a pageboy, or some other short style, she found she had a good view of her fellow students.
    • Her sole thespian gesture is to toss her pageboy hairdo and look flustered, not much to base a performance on.
    • By the 1940s the trend towards uniformity had eased and hair could be worn shoulder length in a pageboy style or curling at the ends or bunched in curls on top of the head.
    • She asks, and for the first time, I look at her, really look at her, the line of her blond pageboy haircut, the crust of lipstick around her mouth.
    • She was in her early thirties, blonde hair cut in a pageboy style.
    • Wrapped in an expansive plaid jacket, lidded with page-boy haircut, she looks like a celebrity teapot.
    • They live in a world that seems to have rolled off the television screen, dispensing to everyone bouncy pageboys, chiffon scarves and madras shorts, roller skates, Dentyne, and big fridges.
    • His unusual clothing and strange pageboy hair cut had Ethan's eyes raising.
    • She seemed to be in her mid to late thirties, her chestnut colored hair cut in a short pageboy style.
    • Her eyes blazed out of a heart-shaped face under a long, white pageboy haircut, ebony lashes framing their violet fire.
    • With a page-boy haircut, Julia Stiles inhabits the character of Paige with conviction.
    • Casually dressed in a white linen shirt and sporting a pageboy haircut, the Spanish star reflected on his career and family life in New York with wife, Melanie Griffith.
    • This great site invites you to take a step back into the past where you can relive classic hairstyles such as the bouffant, the flip, the pixie and the pageboy.
    • She nodded, her pageboy haircut sending a light brown wave of hair across her cheek.
    • I went from wearing my hair in a pageboy to a new, short, chic haircut.