Translation of pain in Spanish:


dolor, n.

Pronunciation /peɪn//peɪn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(physical)

      dolor masculine
      she was in great pain sentía mucho dolor
      • I'm in constant pain siento dolor permanentemente
      • to cry out in / with pain gritar de dolor
      • to ease the pain calmar el dolor
      • I've got a pain in my leg me duele la pierna
      • stomach/chest pains dolores de estómago/de pecho
      • to be a pain in the neck / ass / arse ser insoportable
      • to be feeling no pain estar bien pedo
      • Too much rest, or attempts to shield the injured part of your back when you move for fear of pain or making the injury worse, may hinder recovery.
      • But he did not feel hungry because he was in such pain from his injuries and could only concentrate on trying to get out.
      • The first sign of decay may be a sensation of pain when eating something sweet, very cold or very hot.
      • I'd like to think he wouldn't have left us if he hadn't also been in physical pain.
      • She was in constant pain and her physical movements were restricted.
      • She was feeling the limits of her body and the pain of her wounds more surely than she could ever remember.
      • Patients and their physicians are familiar with acute pain or pain caused by injury.
      • But he has been left in agonising pain with serious injuries to his back, head and legs.
      • One of his lawyers said the singer was still in pain from a back injury and would rest through the weekend.
      • Mr McLean said his illness caused pain and confusion for his family, friends and himself.
      • The accident dissolved my life into illness, weakness, pain and exhaustion, cold and hunger.
      • Her son Sean was born with a serious genetic disorder which means, among other things, that he can't feel physical pain.
      • She is recovering at home from her injuries but still suffers pain when lifted, according to her family.
      • Since the accident at 12, my life had dissolved into pain, illness, weakness and exhaustion.
      • Some of the people in the elders' ward are obviously in physical pain.
      • She added as an ex-nurse she believed it was hard to find the cause of pain or injury without an examination.
      • She said: ‘His wife suffered chest pains and whiplash injuries.’
      • Dr Tynan claims he has suffered extreme pain due to the injury which he blames on the negligence of the hotel.
      • Fibromyalgia is a chronic musculoskeletal illness of wide-spread pain and profound fatigue.
      • They endure physical pain and the constant possibility of a career-ending injury.

    • 1.2(mental)

      dolor masculine
      pena feminine
      the divorce caused me a lot of pain sufrí mucho con el divorcio
      • it takes the pain out of accounting hace más fácil la contabilidad
      • But forcing everyone to take part in research would bring substantial pain and distress for some people.
      • This vandalism has caused much distress and pain to the families of those whose graves were destroyed.
      • What was emotional pain was now becoming physical pain and getting worse by the day.
      • More recently forms of aversion therapy and mental pain have been recognized in many psychiatric procedures.
      • Apart from my heart was swelling so much I thought it may explode, all my mental pain was gone.
      • And we should champion policies that increase the ranks of the former while alleviating the pain suffered by the latter.
      • We are not saying that feelings of sadness and pain over the loss of life is inappropriate.
      • The family is in pain or in distress, and the therapist is called upon to help them and to find a way out of their dilemma.
      • Being with people we don't like gives us pain; mainly emotional but it could be physical pain too.
      • The pain of loss and grief of the relatives of those killed has been widely covered and is sometimes too painful to bare.
      • For example, I was in a great deal of confusion, distress and pain over the weekend.
      • Since being refused compensation Rosie has appealed and applied for a payment based on the family's pain and suffering.
      • I was so used to emotional pain right now that I hadn't known physical pain could be just as bad.
      • What is it that makes us think we have the right to view other people's pain, loss and grief?
      • The Special Adjudicator was right to consider whether it amounted to severe mental pain and suffering.
      • It was also to remember her journey through pain, sorrow, loss and deprivation.
      • She appeared to be in a great deal of physical and emotional pain, and her face was still so young and pristine.
      • Of that sum £135,000 was in respect of pain, suffering and loss of amenity.
      • The pain from my injuries disappeared as emotional pain caused by my actions took hold.
      • However, I think these guys are mixing up physical pain and psychological pain.

    • 1.3

      bajo / so pena de algo/+ inf
      on pain of sth/ -ing

  • 2pains pl

    that's all you get for your pains así te pagan la molestia
    • she was at great pains to dissociate herself from ... trató por todos los medios de dejar bien en claro que no tenía nada que ver con ...
    • I took considerable pains to explain it to them puse mucho esmero / me esforcé mucho en explicárselo

transitive verb

  • 1

    it pains me to see that ... me duele / me apena / me da pena ver que ...

intransitive verb


  • 1

    my finger's/head's paining me duele el dedo/la cabeza