Translation of pain relief in Spanish:

pain relief

alivio del dolor, n.


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    alivio del dolor masculine
    • Epidural anaesthesia is a safe and reliable method of pain relief.
    • In doing so, pain relief is obtained and physical therapy can be used to help restore function.
    • Injecting knees with intra-articular saline after arthroscopy seems to produce good pain relief.
    • Spinal pain relief, or epidurals, are routinely given after operations.
    • She wants pain relief as quickly as possible and asks if she should go to a chiropractor.
    • Where available, more than one in five women will request epidurals for pain relief in labour.
    • Taking pain relief before being seen by a doctor will ‘mask’ the symptoms of the injury.
    • Give medications that relax the child and medications that provide pain relief.
    • If essential, pain relief and a local nerve block may be used to supplement conventional analgesia.
    • Injections into joints or trigger points can provide pain relief for months at a time.
    • Although women receiving epidural analgesia had a longer second stage of labour, they had better pain relief.
    • It usually takes a few weeks of daily applications before you feel noticeable pain relief.
    • Significant pain relief was evident at the first measurement, 4 hours after the first dose of treatment.
    • Heat applied to the area of pain may help with pain relief e.g. holding a hot water bottle to the lower abdomen.
    • In mild cases topical pain relief such as gels or creams can be useful.
    • The aims of first aid should be to stop the burning process, cool the burn, provide pain relief, and cover the burn.
    • The underlying pathology of neck disorders remains unclear, so treatments are aimed at pain relief.
    • There is no evidence that acupuncture can treat cancer, though it could be used effectively for pain relief.
    • The anaesthetist or surgeon will usually discuss the options for pain relief with each patient before surgery.
    • Understand your options for pain relief so that you can better work with your medical team.