Translation of painful in Spanish:


doloroso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpeɪnfəl//ˈpeɪnf(ə)l//ˈpeɪnfʊl/


  • 1

    is it very painful? ¿duele mucho?
    • Sunil Kumar was troubled by a painful shoulder and thus could not do justice to his entry.
    • Shingles causes a painful rash of small blisters that typically appear on the body, often in a band on the chest and back.
    • Complete mastery of the body includes what appear to be very painful exercises pursued apparently without pain.
    • The pressure of the water on your body can reduce swelling if you have painful injuries.
    • Hiking boots are obviously a much better idea for moving around in, but the trade off can be feet so cold and painful that your whole day can be spoilt.
    • Clinical symptoms include painful urination, frequency, urgency, and pain lower abdomen.
    • People with interstitial cystitis may have painful spasms of the pelvic floor muscles.
    • Muscle cramping is a painful, involuntary muscle spasm that regularly frustrates athletes.
    • Ark shifted his now stiff and painful limbs and began to stretch as if he were awakening from a deep sleep.
    • If a blood clot develops in one of them, painful swelling can result.
    • While he was doubled over, she reached for anything heavy, turning onto her stomach with painful difficulty.
    • He endured years of painful physical therapy after being adopted by Mia.
    • The patches become itchy and painful, causing both physical and psychological discomfort.
    • Difficult or painful swallowing may both change the voice and interfere with eating.
    • With a shock he inhaled sharply, as if recovering his breath in a gasp after a hard painful effort.
    • She has been left with blurred vision and painful burns to her body.
    • He was lean and muscular, but painful scars and sores ran across his body like tattoos.
    • Regaining range of motion in the knee was the most difficult, most painful part.
    • It seemed as though most of my actions in the winter months were in the hopes of getting rid of the painful ache of the cold that had burrowed its way into my bones.
    • A sharp painful sensation shook through her body and she flew back a good twenty feet.
  • 2

    (task) desagradable
    (reminder) doloroso
    it is my painful duty to inform you … tengo el doloroso deber de informarles …
    • it was painful to watch her wasting away daba pena / lástima / era doloroso ver como se consumía
    • An overwhelming number of north west mums say they found giving birth a more painful experience than they ever imagined.
    • Dukkha-dukkha may be associated with painful and unpleasant experience such as receiving a knock or having a sore tooth.
    • The thing is, you see, I have learned from painful experience that kids are not necessarily adept at sticking to a schedule.
    • They felt some of the impact of their painful and distressing symptoms had been eased.
    • The learning experience can be painful for a young pitcher if his team is in a fierce fight for a title.
    • The most painful experience a human being can feel is that his parents do not love him.
    • Often what he expresses is the failure of sight, implying a painful or traumatic experience or image.
    • For two years hitting the low notes on his horn had been a painful experience and he attributed his aching jaw to impacted wisdom teeth.
    • Often eating disorders are a coping strategy women use to deal with painful emotions and experiences.
    • This machine can check how deep a burn is without removing bandages which can be a very painful experience for children.
    • Make sure the bike fits you and not the other way round otherwise a few days of cycling might be an uncomfortable or painful experience.
    • Filling up your car can a painful experience, as can searching for the cheapest gas in town.
    • The two items she is showing express the painful experiences of her people and her own family.
    • She looked torn for a moment, as though she was thinking about a painful experience.
    • A burn injury and its subsequent treatment are among the most painful experiences a person can encounter.
    • The most painful experience of my life bar none was as a result of a checklist probe, a cystoscopy.
    • The project will be remembered by both parties as a painful experience with no winners.
    • It is the first time he has rebelled since he lost the lord chancellorship in a bitter and painful reshuffle in June 2003.
    • All that remains of his painful experience, save for a few unwelcome memories, is the metalwork that is to be removed next summer.
    • Watching the results on television was a rather painful experience because counting was so slow.
  • 3informal

    de pena informal
    his acting was really painful su actuación daba vergüenza ajena
    • Well, I suppose he could but it would be terribly painful and it would take hours if he tried to do it alone.
    • Racism is a pernicious influence, but it's also a dangerous and painful accusation to level against someone.
    • The gulf that was currently separating her and Louis was so terribly painful.
    • Football is in danger of dying a painful death if it continues to give in to the greed of these players.
    • Going by the contortions of your average rock band, music is a painful and terribly serious duty.
    • I know it's serious, and very painful, but you can't help laughing when you read that