Translation of painless in Spanish:


indoloro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpeɪnləs//ˈpeɪnləs/


  • 1

    (causing no pain)
    the operation is quite painless la operación es indolora / no causa dolor
    • painless childbirth parto sin dolor
    • Death by starvation and dehydration is neither painless nor euphoric.
    • Euthanasia is defined as the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable, painful disease.
    • Physicians are believed to know how to ensure a painless death, and they are in a position to offer palliative care knowledgeably.
    • To ensure that death by this means would be painless as well as quick, the patient requests that she be adequately sedated.
    • They are often painless when in the kidney but can cause severe pain as they travel from the kidneys to the bladder.
    • Quick, painless deaths are kinder to the dying, and much kinder to the living.
    • After all death is not a comfortable venture, it is not painless as a rule which is why animals avoid it so much.
    • The disease's symptoms are fever, headache and painless diarrhoea, which can lead to death if not treated.
    • This process was also painless and Anoushka didn't go through any kind of pain.
    • The punishment for this person consists of a quick painless death.
    • I suppose there's some small consolation in the fact that his death was quick and probably painless.
    • She slew each of them, quickly, their deaths painless, and in a way a relief.
    • Yet, at the same time, once our pets become seriously ill, we are ready to ease their suffering and provide a painless end to their misery.
    • We made arrangements to pay a local veterinarian to euthanize those animals by painless injection.
    • With pain so prevalent, can one blame yearnings for a painless hereafter?
    • Reflecting on these options, Rachel wonders whether painless death harms a sentient creature.
    • Untreated, the swelling may resolve on its own or an internal hordeola may progress to form a painless mass known as a chalazion.
    • When their man arrived, he told us there was nothing for it but to give the deer a quick and painless death.
    • Legally, a doctor should make our exit as painless as possible so our family need not suffer either.
    • Her stomach felt light and painless, not gasping with the tortuous pain of cancer.
  • 2informal

    (easy, pleasant)
    (method) sencillo
    the experience was fairly painless la experiencia fue bastante llevadera
    • Treatment in children should be simple, cheap, effective, safe, and relatively painless.
    • This meant though they didn't hit the ground at full force, it was still far from painless or smooth.
    • What eases the pain of his lingering departure was that it was smooth and painless.
    • Now this of course assumes there's an easy painless way to make use of these techniques.
    • What we do need to find is a way to make their transition into the modern, competitive world as smooth and painless as possible.
    • Immunisation - simple and painless - will safeguard your baby and free you from anxiety.
    • It provides a painless, enjoyable and comprehensive review for the primary physician.
    • Using the euro was relatively painless - it was comforting to be on the same foot as everyone else in the city on at least that one thing.
    • Whatever your personal preferences, it is fair to say that neither method is easy, painless or complication free.
    • Every effort to make the transition smooth and painless will be appreciated.
    • The company does a hundred little things to make traveling by air simple, easy, and painless.
    • While buying the house had been relatively painless, selling it was not going to be so easy.
    • Legislation seems to me the only painless - maybe the only way - to get there from here.
    • The author put some effort into making the installation as painless as possible for this type of package.
    • The weekly toenail trim hasn't been so easy and painless since I was a tiny tot.
    • Thank you Norton, for making it easy and painless to get that info.
    • It should be easy to add new watches and painless to receive notification of events.
    • Installation is simple and painless, though you initially need to connect to the net to activate the program.
    • An easy and painless security patching process will also reduce the vulnerability window.
    • The Minister replied that this was a fairly painless way to level the disparities between the haves and have-nots.