Translation of paint in Spanish:


pintura, n.

Pronunciation: /peɪnt//peɪnt/


  • 1

    pintura feminine
    wet paint pintura fresca
    • paint remover quitapintura
    • The door was metal with no handle, and painted with white paint now flaking off.
    • He is fond of thin paint and frequently layers a dark blue or black wash over phosphorescent pastel hues.
    • In order to cut down on the cost of paint, consider mixing sample pots of colours with white paint.
    • No artificial paint or any colouring agent is coated on the surface.
    • A demonstration is given on how to paint using black watercolor or slightly thinned tempera paint.
    • Carpenters were now putting a fresh coating of paint on the house, making it look almost as though it had just been built.
    • Yet even when, as here, he captures the light with such sensitivity, Cameron does not use paint for its vivid colour, but as a means of expressing tonal change.
    • It was later given two coats of paint in appropriate colours.
    • The only function of plaster on walls and ceilings, unless it is itself elaborately decorative, is to serve as a smooth surface on which to place decorative paper or paint.
    • A zinc rich paint coating protects the interior of the pipe.
    • In general, graffiti is removed by using paint in a colour which has the closest match to the actual colour of the tree trunk.
    • Look at the picture at top; imagine it on an enormous canvas, in thick paint, colours saturated and glowing.
    • Watered-down paint soaks into the porous concrete so it won't flake or peel like surface paint does.
    • A car comes rattling down the street, thick smoke pouring out the back, every door a different colour of blistered paint.
    • For the third coat, which you will sponge onto the wall, you can pick either a colour glaze paint or a ready-made colour wash.
    • We did test some acrylic paint on tiles and it was just totally unsatisfactory so we chose what, I guess, was the appropriate paint for the surface.
    • That is why I deliberately allow early coatings of paint to show through as I continually build color.
    • Mix up pots of poster paint, and give your children a pot of paint in each colour, a couple of brushes and a glass of water.
    • Finally, rub down the wood to remove the splinters, give it a thin wash of acrylic paint and brush on the clear preservative.
    • The top ones were drawn on cartridge paper and then painted in watercolour using sepia colour paint, and the bottom ones were painted straight onto watercolour paper using light red.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (landscape/portrait) pintar
    these flowers were painted in by a later hand estas flores se agregaron posteriormente
  • 2

    (apply paint to)
    (door/house/wall) pintar
    I painted the kitchen pink pinté la cocina de rosa
    • the door's freshly painted la puerta está recién pintada
    • I'll draw the outline and you paint it in yo dibujo el contorno y tú lo coloreas / pintas
    • to paint sth out pintar encima de algo
    • to paint over sth pintar encima de algo
    • to paint iodine on a wound aplicar yodo a una herida
    • to paint a wound with iodine aplicar yodo a una herida
  • 3

    to paint a glowing/gloomy picture of sth pintar algo favorablemente/muy negro
    • as black as it's been painted
    • the situation isn't as black as it's been painted la situación no es tan negra como la pintan
    • the boss isn't as black as he's painted el jefe no es tan fiero como lo pintan
  • 4

    (make up)
    to paint one's face pintarse
    • to paint one's lips/nails pintarse los labios/las uñas

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to paint in oils/watercolors pintar al óleo/a la acuarela