Translation of painting in Spanish:


cuadro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpeɪntɪŋ//ˈpeɪn(t)ɪŋ/


  • 1

    cuadro masculine
    pintura feminine
    • Yet people do still make a pilgrimage to see Leonardo's original painting in the Louvre.
    • Mack will be creating a new sculpture based on this painting, also with the cooperation of Liang.
    • On display will be a selection of paintings, ceramics and textile arts all of which will be on sale.
    • I tried last year and had one of my paintings hung at the exhibition but I didn't win anything.
    • As the years go by people forget where paintings are and they become lost to the art world.
    • I followed him up the narrow steps to the museum, where walls were crammed with paintings.
    • I've been inspired by a colleague who has a house full of lovely paintings and sculptures.
    • At that time, Talbot sought to turn the medium of photography into a dignified art form like painting had been.
    • His paintings are said to be the most collectible of all artists living today.
    • Her original paintings and prints soon began to help raise funds for charities.
    • He gave many of his sketches and paintings as gifts to doctors, nurses and hospital staff.
    • The museum is a collection of paintings, posters and artwork all in the name of peace.
    • The same group of pupils have also had their drawings and paintings displayed in a supermarket.
    • She takes him to view Gustav Klimt's painting of Danae.
    • Certainly we must attempt to interpret great paintings in a way which makes them accessible.
    • Mr Scobie said he lost track of how many people came to view paintings and buy prints and cards on Saturday.
    • Her original training was as an artist and some of her paintings can be seen in her home.
    • His magazine illustrations and the drawings he made for his paintings have much in common.
    • He will see four of his paintings hanging on the walls, including one, pictured, of a cat.
    • The title of Paul Gauguin's well-known painting makes a handy list of questions that researchers hope to answer by studying supernovae.
  • 2

    pintura feminine
  • 3

    pintura feminine
    • The Suprematists took the art of painting and porcelain making to the ultimate extreme of complete abstraction, using the geometrical forms of the square, circle and cross.
    • The statement invites generalization to all of modernist painting.
    • Less well developed are the arts of painting, sculpture, and carving.
    • As nearly all forms of art, early painting had been under the influence of the Chinese culture.
    • For example, in art we are familiar with the genres of painting, drawing, sculpture and engraving.
    • The image becomes abstract, but is evocative of specific styles of modernist painting.
    • This is partly to be explained by the decline of narrative painting as a vigorous art form in Australia; the medium of film has to a large degree superseded this art form.
    • He later worked as a graphic designer and taught drawing and painting to children.
    • Ultimately, the work is about contemporary photography, not historical painting.
    • The second batch will be trained in pencil drawing, watercolour painting, oil painting and acrylic painting.
    • The work attests to the artist's faith in both the craft of painting and the spiritual capacity of art.
    • As for the rest of the team, they celebrate the art of painting in water colours.
    • The art of painting icons has its origins in the Byzantine empire of the sixth and seventh century.
    • After studying painting and graphic design locally, he went to the United States to further his art education.
    • He also suggests the distance we have come from earlier traditions of modernist painting.
    • Some Sherpas have developed skills in religious painting and in liturgical chanting.
    • Seeing and knowing could not be made congruent in mimetic painting.
    • Pradeep developed his art of painting and sketching with no formal training or schooling.
    • The art of painting, many artists believed, ought to have grander aspirations.
    • At first concentrating on drawing, he eventually gravitated toward painting and collage.