Translation of pair in Spanish:


par, n.

Pronunciation /pɛː//pɛr/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of shoes, socks, gloves)

      par masculine
      a pair of trousers unos pantalones
      • a pair of scissors unas tijeras
      • a pair of glasses un par de anteojos
      • I've only got one pair of hands solo tengo dos manos
      • you need a sharp pair of eyes tienes que tener vista de lince
      • Rafter pairs are joined directly to each joist by means of mortise and tenon joints.
      • It also corresponds stylistically to a pair of Kentian giltwood marble topped sidetables in the Long Gallery.
      • One of his earliest clubs secured his services only after supplying him with two suits, two pairs of shoes and two pairs of gloves as part of his signing on fee.
      • There are four main landing gear units fitted in tandem pairs.
      • The distance between the pair of marks corresponds to a length of a barcode to be read.
      • Skaters whizzed by in the rink behind them, but nobody moved to put on a pair of four-wheelers and join the throng.
      • Underneath my chair was a pair of worn socks; Jack had obviously discarded them while watching Countdown earlier in the afternoon.
      • She slipped on her leather jacket and a pair of high heeled harness boots and went downstairs.
      • He added a pair of filters that correspond to two bands of infrared light needed to detect aflatoxin and fumonisin.
      • It was a very pretty dress and she was wearing light blue shoes matching a pair of small gloves on her hands.
      • If you like, sandwich pairs of the meringue together with a little creme fraiche and decorate with dried rose petals.
      • Whilst I was out, I also bought a couple of pairs of stockings.
      • Separately, five pairs of tickets for each show will be auctioned online to the highest bidder via ‘ebay’ over a two-month period.
      • At the heart of the case, we discovered a sock containing three necklaces and a couple of pairs of earrings.
      • More pairs of hands joined the first and Jace was finally pulled off of Joel, who's nose was bleeding badly.
      • My student was insistent, and a few more pairs of eyes joined him.
      • Let's conservatively estimate that one of these workers stitches together five pairs of trainers per day.
      • The pair of articles provoked a large number of responses from readers.
      • This pair of articles offers a view into these two directions for anti-poverty organizing.
      • When all pairs of points are joined, the resulting network of points and lines is known as a complete graph.

    • 1.2(in cards)

      pareja feminine
      par masculine
      • Well, fate seemed to deny him any runs, pairs or face cards and even any metal implement to do some damage.
      • The fact that B's pairs of trumps are in sequence has no effect here, because the led cards were not in sequence.
      • The proposed jackpot would be awarded, for a side bet, to players receiving both a royal flush and a pair of aces.
      • In his hand he held a pair of aces; two bullets for the opposition.
      • The opener had either a pair or two high cards, one possibly an ace.
      • said Relena, who placed a pair of aces and a pair of kings down on the table.
      • Again I raised, he countered with a reraise and I went all in - with nothing more than a pair of aces.
      • If there's a bet, you're most likely against a pair of aces, but an inside 8 will make you a straight.
      • Any pair of aces or below can be beaten by a single two, jack or joker.
      • The lowest winning hand can be a single pair, an ace and king, or even a single high card.
      • One of my opponents had a pair of aces in her hand.
      • If you have a pair of aces in your hand and there's an ace on the board, that's three aces.
      • Keep those cards close to the vest and no one is going to beat a pair of aces.
      • For instance, a player might be able to win a set with only two cards if those cards are a pair of aces.
      • I think one of them had a pair of nines and one had a pair of aces.
      • Some players allow the pairs hand with wilds, sevens and aces to use a pair of jokers or a pair of twos as the wilds.

  • 2

    • 2.1(couple)

      pareja feminine
      the happy pair la feliz pareja
      • a pair of rabbits un casal de conejos
      • Working in pairs, the children were challenged to use their imagination, creativity and ingenuity to design and make a model using a specially created K'Nex kit.
      • Vikings fought in pairs, shoulder to shoulder - and your shoulder man would stay with you through thick and thin, Dave says, watching your back while you watched his.
      • He said parent volunteers worked in pairs supervising the evening's activities, which included table tennis, karaoke, table football and pool.
      • She said students were not required to come in pairs for the ball, because this would hamper the aim of holding the event, to help students get to know each other better.
      • A walking bus is a safe way for children to get to and from school, walking in pairs hand-in-hand along the safest possible route, while being supervised by adults.
      • You need activities that can be done in pairs, such as a three-legged race or an obstacle races that need partners.
      • The children are aged between nine and 11, which is younger than most who take part in exchanges, and are staying in pairs with families in the village.
      • We dived down in pairs and swam around the wreck.
      • Split into five legs the runners go in pairs and Radcliffe's seniors managed a creditable 20th place finish, with the mixed team coming 42nd.
      • A substantial element of the system is the set of physical exercises performed in pairs and again based on the idea of the power of co-operation.
      • Players are invited to enter in pairs, although individuals can enter and be paired up on the day.
      • The programme has included officers patrolling in pairs and has seen violent incidents fall and a 20 per cent increase in the number of revellers.
      • The sibling pair walked towards me with smiles on their faces.
      • Sometimes Eileen will work with the children on a one to one basis, other times she will host a session with the children in pairs, so that they can speak and relate to each.
      • The children bounced in pairs and raised more than £200, which will be put towards garden furniture, so the children can eat their lunch outside when the whether is fine.
      • She added: ‘We would advise all tourists to travel in pairs.’
      • Working alone or in pairs, students were invited to create their own radio commercials and demonstrate their considerable creative skills.
      • They must walk in pairs or threes, sometimes ones.
      • In this race everybody goes in pairs and each pair had to get a board and paddle out to a buoy about 10 meters out and back.
      • Policemen patrolled the streets not in pairs but alone.

    • 2.2pairs pluralSport

      dobles masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (objects) emparejar
    (objects) formar pares con
    she was paired with Paul le pusieron a Paul de pareja
    • Considering what wine to pair with that steak or chicken pot pie is a particularly pleasant task.
    • This was designed to protect the integrity of the championship because of the possibility of leading contenders being paired together in the first round.
    • And by now it's a foregone conclusion that these two stars will generate a certain special something anytime they're paired together.
    • I want the first row to pair with the people to their right in the second row.
    • Arsenal and Bolton have been paired together seven times in this competition and a replay has been required on three occasions.
    • These are the same chinos I wear on the weekends, paired with a velvet blazer I throw on over jeans.
    • He also reads magazines to see what chefs are doing to get ideas of drinks to pair with food.
    • Twelve months ago, the two teams were paired together in the quarter-finals.
    • Representatives from similar sites have been paired together so they can learn more about each other.
    • ‘Clarke and I were paired together to present a documentary on that year's Festival,’ says Bakewell.
    • Then I was idly wondering what kind of sauce to pair with this pasta.
    • Perhaps the most popular color to pair with yellow is red, and again, this combination can work in a variety of shades.
    • So he paired them together once again in the foursomes in which they came up against Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood.
    • Friends will not be paired together, for fear that they find a comfort zone.
    • Senses have been heightened since the moment the clubs were paired together in the second round draw.
    • So Shade happened to be in my English class and as fate had it we happened to be paired together for an assignment.
    • I yanked a white boat neck sweater over the gray halter to pair with the pleated gray skirt I was wearing.
    • We were paired together right from the start, and we're going through the same rookie stuff together.
    • A member of the 104th, he and Ivan Denisovich are the top two workers in the squad and are often paired together.
    • In the test session each participant was paired with an untrained partner.

intransitive verb


  • 1

    • Once paired, the male brings nest material to the female, who builds the stick nest in a tree or shrub.
    • Females pair with a male within a day of arriving and begin building their first nest within a few days.
    • That is, more attractive females tended to pair with more attractive males, or vice-versa.
    • In many species pairs are stable for at least three years, and some butterflyfishes may pair for life.
    • These fish stay paired for at least a year and sometimes for their entire lifetime. They spawn year-round, usually near the full moon.
    • They are one of the latest North American ducks to pair, with most pairs forming late in migration.
    • Once paired, the breeding pair remains in the same territory until the death of one member of the pair.
    • Williamson's Sapsuckers form monogamous pairs, a bird often pairing with its mate from a previous year.
    • Previous experience showed that some male pied flycatchers sing in captivity during the part of the breeding season when free-living birds are pairing.
    • Once paired, they build a nest on the ground of seaweed, eelgrass, and algae, held together by droppings.
    • White plumage may be critical for attracting a mate, but even after pairing with a female during the breeding season, a male that keeps a clean profile may have an advantage.
    • Cardinals frequently remained paired over several breeding seasons, but we used only the initial pairings in the consideration of assortative mating.
    • Barnacle geese pair monogamously, and males prefer larger and heavier females.
    • We assume for simplicity that the female will pair with one of the two bidding males.
    • Females had the opportunity to pair with solitary males but did not do so.
    • Females paired to low-ranking males constructed nests near the territory edges of neighboring high-ranking males.
    • The cheetahs are kept in enclosures and are used for pairing, also with animals bred in captivity, as a further way of promoting their numbers and their gene pool.
    • Males and females did not pair with like partners but paired disassortatively according to personality.
    • In most cases, if a bird paired with a different mate in a subsequent breeding season, the mate from the previous season was not seen again and was presumed dead.
    • Floater birds never paired with other nonterritorial birds; however, the opportunity for such behavior existed for at least five of our banded floaters.