Translation of palatial in Spanish:


palaciego, adj.

Pronunciation /pəˈleɪʃ(ə)l//pəˈleɪʃəl/


  • 1

    (home) palaciego
    (room) grandioso
    your house is palatial compared with mine comparada con la mía, tu casa es un palacio
    • He relishes an opulent lifestyle with palatial homes in Europe and America, private jets, two yachts and a helicopter.
    • He has since acquired his own palatial house within the exclusive resort.
    • I was expecting his residence to be of palatial proportions.
    • It opens with lush images of the palatial school and grounds, then enters the rarefied world within.
    • The tin shacks of the township are within a few hundred metres of palatial houses - rich and poor have become unwilling neighbours.
    • He didn't foresee the palatial palaces of today where the punter can see live racing.
    • This beautiful and newly renovated hotel was the palatial home of a merchant who in 1898 gambled the house away in a game of cards.
    • But this fine basin has not been bought for one of the region's stately homes or the palatial residence of a multi-millionaire.
    • When his friend offers a palatial haunted house close to his workplace totally free of cost to stay, he clinches the offer without a second thought.
    • Alone and friendless in the bowels of one of his many palatial hideouts he must still, surely, nurse his grandiose ambitions.
    • And it means living in palatial houses with exquisite tile, granite or marble flooring and owning plush cars.
    • ‘All this,’ as he calls it, gesturing around his palatial if spartan study.
    • Already newfangled buildings and palatial houses mimicking every form of modern architecture have come up on former farmlands.
    • He also owns a palatial home in Srinagar, apart from numerous apartments in choice New Delhi location.
    • The mausoleum is part of a vast complex with a main gateway, garden, mosque, guesthouse and several other palatial buildings.
    • According to reports, the palatial home - situated just 10 miles from Cape Town - is already in hot demand..
    • This is a man with millions and four fancy cars standing outside his palatial home!
    • The road even links that palatial governor's mansion to the even more majestic river.
    • He offers Brandon a big salary increase and a palatial apartment if he will re-locate and work for him.
    • Although I moaned, my bedsit was palatial compared with those of most of my friends, who lived in pokey, badly partitioned flats in Rathmines.