Translation of palette in Spanish:


paleta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpælət//ˈpalɪt/


  • 1

    paleta feminine
    • Consequently Seurat did not mix the colors on his palette, but rather put little tiny spots of complementary color pigments on the canvas.
    • The inventory of the contents of his studio made for probate purposes after his death lists a few standard items of equipment - easels, palettes, canvases - but nothing to hint at any unusual working method.
    • With the rain keeping away for the day, the children, armed with drawing boards, paint, brushes and palettes, waited patiently for the 2002 edition of the competition to commence.
    • At first sight, his canvases resemble palettes and drop cloths rather than finished compositions.
    • Every one also has easels standing tall, accompanied by a weathered table speckled with paint and sporting a paintbox and palettes.
    • The artist's easel, paint box, palettes, paintbrushes and dried tubes of paint occupied a corner.
    • The portrait is dominated by her own image, holding a palette and a paintbrush in her hands.
  • 2

    (range of color)
    gama feminine
    • In this, the colour palette is darker and the drawings simpler and more stylised.
    • The colour palette includes subdued beiges, burgundies and charcoal blues on high-back chairs and sectional wall panels.
    • His palette drew from nature: heavy, dense ochres, browns, taupes and alizarin crimson.
    • Rouault trained with Matisse at Moreau's academy and exhibited with the Fauves, but his palette of colors and profound subject matter place him as an early, if isolated Expressionist.
    • In the meantime, as you try to make up your mind, the striking palette and stylized figures are more than sufficient to hold your attention.
    • The rendering is so precise that these gouaches - each in a dominant palette of blues, greens, yellows or pinks - could pass for digital prints.
    • Underlit by a blanket of fine coral sand, the colour of the ocean has the tropical palette of a Paul Gauguin painting and its turquoise-spearmint hues never dull with repeat viewing.
    • Her early work consisted mostly of impressionistic nudes and still lifes painted with a bold palette.
    • Its restrained palette, the sinuous, loopy drawing, and the interplay of seemingly simple forms and planes present a highly cerebral visual game.
    • The reduced colour in this painting already reveals McCahon's sympathy for a monochrome palette.
    • The colour palette encompasses charcoal greys, tawny autumnal greens, silver and white.
    • In 1626 he moved to Leiden, where he painted vanitas subjects and increasingly adopted the monochrome palette of Haarlem still-life painters.
    • Lavishness of decoration, mastery of execution, expansion of palettes with mixed colours are some of the characteristics of Assam's manuscript paintings.
    • The colour palette is primarily pastel - baby pink, sherbet lemon, ice blue and lilac, with a splash of vibrant red in the suit range.
    • Japanese watercolours shown at Far East exhibitions in Paris in the late nineteenth century affected the compositions and palettes of Matisse, Whistler, and Degas.
    • The palettes of these French artists, as well as the time the Scotsmen spent in the brilliant light of the south of France, had an important and lasting effect on their work.
    • Later, however, he turned to oil on canvas; his palette became lighter, with an emphasis on yellows.
    • His minimalist style of drawing and limited palette of colours are far from painterly, however.
    • If I were an artist, the colours on my palette would be browns, ochres and purples.
    • When translated into watercolor on silk, her paintings retain both the muted palette and slightly wrinkled texture of the leaf collages.