Translation of palimpsest in Spanish:


palimpsesto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpæləm(p)ˌsɛst//ˈpalɪm(p)sɛst/


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    palimpsesto masculine
    • The buyer allowed the palimpsest (a scraped and overwritten parchment) to be conserved, photographed, and displayed at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore.
    • It produced excellent results on palimpsests, cancellations, and erasures due to damnatio memoriae, and on disintegrating surfaces where the ink has settled deep into the fibres.
    • An anonymous private collector who bought the palimpsest for $2 million at auction in 1998 has loaned the manuscript to the Walters Art Museum and is funding the studies.
    • Are there palimpsests by Richard Burton buried under a heap of raddi somewhere, waiting to be discovered and auctioned?
    • Some people used old books as the basis of their scrapbook, leading to a palimpsest of original text and jumbled scraps, with columns overlapping columns and sentences running together.
    • These palimpsests are what I should like to examine, the fused layers the two authors traded.
    • By going back to journal entries in which I initially recorded some of the events that surfaced in the ‘written’ writing, I was able to locate an initial palimpsest, or precipitate, of the writing.
    • In 1906 the Danish philologist Johan Ludvig Heiberg discovered the palimpsest in a monastery in Istanbul and correctly identified the prayer-enshrouded text as the lost Method of Archimedes.