Translation of palliative in Spanish:


paliativo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpalɪətɪv//ˈpæliədɪv//ˈpæliˌeɪdɪv/


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    paliativo masculine
    • There is yet no cure for Aids, only palliatives to make life more comfortable and to prolong life in the shadow of certain death,’ he said.
    • But we need much more than news about the latest theories and scientific findings on preventive measures, palliatives and cures.
    • No one would criticise last week's announcement of $1 billion to help combat Aids and other illnesses worldwide, but the gesture represents the tiniest of palliatives to a string of global pandemics.
    • There are various palliatives, but there is no cure.
    • I always assumed these books were filled with trite palliatives.
    • There are palliatives, cosmetics like quinine for malaria, which suppress the symptoms for as long as you take them; when you stop taking quinine, the malaria returns at full force.
    • If not, the measure would be a simple ineffective palliative, but not a solution to the problem.
    • Lanzmann isn't interested in extracting pity from his viewers; for him, history is present, undeniable and bereft of palliatives.
    • What this palliative fails to address is the involvement of the directors themselves in CEOs’ criminal activity.
    • The other, I think, is the common conspiracy theory that pharmaceutical companies do not produce cures because they can make more profit selling palliatives.
    • Such was the milieu in which nineteenth-century gymnastics and calisthenics systems offered women palliatives for infirmities that were equated with consumptive female invalidism.
    • The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service has several very good publications available on the construction and maintenance of improved soil roads and dust palliatives.
    • He went on to say that palliatives would not avail.
    • Sandwiched between the ready availability of drugs and an inadequate response is a lost generation for whom cocaine is an easier palliative than the severity of a drug-free life.
    • Pharmaceutical companies do not like palliatives that can be grown in the back yard.
    • In meeting after meeting workers demanding action confronted the City Council, only to receive empty palliatives and arrogant admonitions that they were ‘on their side.’
    • Morris would undoubtedly see these strategies as little more than palliatives at best or work intensification at worst and certainly unchallenging to the structure of capitalist work relations.
    • It would have, in essence, offered a short-term palliative to a longer-term problem.
    • While we all can understand how belittling that experience must have been, shooting the messenger is never the recommended palliative.
    • Nelson says he sees a day when grading professionals will lay down their own dust palliatives to cap off the soil after completing the excavation.


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    (measure/therapy/treatment) paliativo