Translation of pallid in Spanish:


pálido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpæləd//ˈpalɪd/


  • 1

    • Her skin was all pallid, not as the lifeless corpse as many would likely say in jest and scorn.
    • I looked at her; her usually glowing face was pallid.
    • He nodded and smiled, lifting his palm to brush away some stray pieces of hair from her pallid face.
    • Her eyes were dull with sorrow and her cheeks would have been deathly pallid if not for the rogue she heavily slathered onto her cheeks.
    • She gingerly touched the pallid white gauze, then was brought back to the present by the burning smell coming from her toast.
    • She glimpsed her mother lying feebly on a divan with a wrinkled, pallid face.
    • The dark atmosphere made it hard for me to see clearly, but I saw his pallid face under his dark hood.
    • The sunlight slivered through the window and onto the pallid face of a young girl.
    • A pinched smile that looked painful instead of cheerful worked across mom's pallid face.
    • These guys never go home, they're all white and pallid and beefy.
    • I could see, even in the dim light of my fading lamp, that his skin was pasty and pallid, his eyes dark and cloudy.
    • From the corner of his mouth came a slow, thin trickle of bright red, dripping slowly down his pallid face like rain down a windowpane.
    • She felt tears well up in her eyes and when she blinked they finally escaped to roll down her pallid face.
    • Her aged face was pallid, her chest failed to move under her ragged brown garments.
    • His skin was bright salmon-pink on his hands and feet, and then faded to yellow on his arms and shins, and then to a pallid white.
    • He was breathing hard, as if he had been running, and his pallid face shone bright with sweat.
    • The reclusive teenager was determined to tan his pallid body, but did not want to expose his feeble frame to others.
    • It mixed with the tears that stained her pallid face and soaked her through to the bones.
    • Complacent smiles linger on their pallid faces.
    • Her mother was propped up against a pillow, her pallid face hardly standing out against the white background.