Translation of Palm Sunday in Spanish:

Palm Sunday

Domingo de Ramos, n.


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    Domingo de Ramos masculine
    • This is an Easter musical telling the story from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.
    • This hymn is not directly related to either Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday.
    • These eight days, beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter commemorate the central drama of Christianity.
    • Verse 27 invites us to bind the festal procession with branches, gathering up Palm Sunday as well as Good Friday.
    • This Sunday the Easter week ceremonies will commence with the Palm Sunday procession in all the parishes of the district - Croom, Manister and Banogue.
    • This Sunday has two titles, Palm Sunday and Sunday of the Passion.
    • Sure, my parents took my brother and sister and me to church the occasional Easter and Palm Sunday but we never went long enough to absorb what the pastor talked about.
    • The Christian world yesterday celebrated Palm Sunday, a very significant day when Jesus Christ entered the city of Jerusalem triumphantly just before his crucifiction.
    • For several years the church has led its Palm Sunday procession from the parish hall in Long Street to the church, but this year was the first time a longer route led by a donkey has been taken.
    • But in America people come to church on Palm Sunday and again on Easter, with no services in between.