Translation of palmist in Spanish:


quiromántico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑ(l)məst//ˈpɑːmɪst/


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    quiromántico masculine
    quiromántica feminine
    • I am a palmist; I read from the lines in your hand.
    • Selection bias partly explains why there are so many satisfied customers who go to psychics, tarot card readers, palmists, and faith healers.
    • Making ink prints of the hands is one method palmists use to insure all lines can be visualised.
    • There were coffee houses which offered fortune tellers, palmists, physiognomists, job counselors and origami instructors.
    • They are identified by palmists as head lines, heart lines, life lines, and fate or destiny lines, and are alleged to be useful in predicting a person's future.