Translation of palooka in Spanish:


imbécil, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈluːkə//pəˈlukə/


dated, slang

  • 1

    imbécil feminine
    • And then there was a big, brawling, pockmarked palooka with tight curly hair and a big gut whose huge, ham-hock hands relentlessly pounded his victims into total, abject submission.
    • Should the two palookas with the hardware be in cahoots or feeling underpaid, they would have loved to learn of the $11,000 in traveller's checks, $1, 000 camera, credit card, and Canadian passport I was packing.
    • The 20-something Reeve who shot to fame in the first Superman movie was an attractive man - much handsomer than the block-jawed palooka of the original comic books.
    • Relegated to fighting palookas in tiny towns, he was asked to tape a 10-second promotion for a local TV station in Florida.
    • Maybe it's the only reason Neo's been hanging out with an old palooka like me.
    • And frankly, a palooka Rollins is: covered head to toe with tattoos and belching metallic tales of power run amok and self-sufficiency.
    • They get called all kinds of names: tomato can, palooka, trial horse.
    • It's not that Buchanan doesn't make any good points; in any melee, any palooka with a wild swing is bound to land a punch or two.
    • Like the palooka who pulls himself up off the canvas after each knockdown, the dedicated employee is expected never to waver, no matter what battering he takes.
    • The other type of palooka is more difficult to recognize, but more valuable - the stooge.
    • Unless they're all palookas from the South Side, the writers come from leafy suburbs; and that loading zone behind the shopping center is not an alley.
    • One boxer has plenty of pop, can hit bad pitches, and is a fun at-bat, while the other is your average palooka with a wood stick.
    • Tyson was the palooka in his last fight, knocked out by Danny Williams in the fourth round last July 30.