Translation of Panama in Spanish:


Panamá, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpænəˌmɑ//ˈpænəˌmɔ//ˌpanəˈmɑː//ˈpanəmɑː/


  • 1

    Panamá masculine
  • 2also panama", "Panama hat", "panama hat

    panamá masculine
    sombrero de jipijapa masculine
    jipijapa masculine
    • Then, panamas or linen hats were the order of the day.
    • But I guess I wasn't counting on the enduring shade of the panama hat.
    • It would never fit again and he had to make do, most unwillingly, with a borrowed panama.
    • My wide-brimmed panama hat was chilling nicely in the boat's hat cooler.
    • In the old days he'd always worn a bowler hat, of course, and when they went out of fashion, a trilby; never a panama, not to the Club.
    • The sweat dribbled around the patent brim of his new white panama.
    • In several he looked like a 1970s football manager in his white panama hat and a sheepskin coat.
    • Even if you don't think of yourself as much of a ‘hat ‘person, a panama hat is one of the best places to start.’
    • Only buy a panama hat with a sweatband, which helps keep your hat in place and prevents it from stretching out.
    • But people would not like it; the embarrassment of a dead man's jacket, his baseball cap and panama on the hallstand.