Translation of pandemonium in Spanish:


pandemonio, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpandɪˈməʊnɪəm//ˌpændəˈmoʊniəm/


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    pandemonio masculine
    pandemónium masculine
    caos masculine
    it was absolute pandemonium aquello era un verdadero pandemonio / el caos más absoluto
    • There was pandemonium in the bar when the television was put off during the Armagh match but after some negotiation was quickly put back on again.
    • It has become a macabre ritual here: the bombs go off, pandemonium, followed by investigation.
    • In the strange pandemonium that has always bedevilled Sudanese politics, even weirder things have happened.
    • Let me tell you about the non-stop insanity, the constant chaos, the perpetual pandemonium.
    • I knew that a lack of heir undoubtedly lead to pandemonium and anarchy.
    • It has been pandemonium in Korea this past week, with normally-reserved people giving vent to joyful feelings in a way they probably never have.
    • On the collective level, poison gas created confusion and pandemonium.
    • The chaos beset domestic flights and hotel bookings as well, with resorts in the Red Sea and Aswan expecting pandemonium.
    • The pandemonium that erupted around the university track in the aftermath of Bannister's run may have also contributed to undermine the rules.
    • Uproar and pandemonium followed, matched only by that of the previous week when Mr. Loy won twice.
    • How appalling for people living and running businesses beside this noise, mess and pandemonium.
    • Clamor and outrage broke out and pandemonium reeked more havoc than anything else could.
    • There was a lot of screaming, panic and pandemonium.
    • We were all jumping up and down already, so once he got there, it was complete pandemonium.
    • There was pandemonium at the docks as people tried to get out by boat, but the North Vietnamese were just across the river.
    • They're just there to add to the general sense of pandemonium.
    • Through all the noise, commotion and apparent pandemonium, there was heavy and effective policing.
    • There would be political pandemonium if it were actually proposed, however.
    • It was complete pandemonium in the Peterson household the week before the wedding.
    • And from there it was pandemonium, it was hard to see what happened.