Translation of panel in Spanish:


panel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpænl//ˈpan(ə)l/


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    • 1.1

      (of door, car body, plane wing) panel masculine
      (of garment) pieza feminine
      • The pants have an elastic drawcord waist, articulated knees, stretch panels on the waist, and a back zip pocket.
      • Innovative frosted glass panels cut into the wall of the window-free bathroom mean that the room not only has a funky edge, but also benefits from natural light.
      • A glass wall with sliding panels and a veranda overlook the adjacent lake.
      • Jeffrey, who was arrested and charged last March, wore a hooded white sweatshirt with blue shoulder panels, and a pair of black track pants.
      • Glimpses of stretch ruching feature in panels on dresses, particularly waistlines.
      • The property has ‘his and her’ offices, spaces divided by angular walls and glass panels.
      • Caps are 12.5 oz. wool blend and have buckram-backed front panels, pre-curved visors, and grey undervisors.
      • You have to put on the costume when you're learning and rehearsing the piece, because it has so much material, so many panels.
      • She recently replaced the ceiling and the walls with glass panels.
      • The last thing I remember before falling asleep was watching lightning bolts through the high glass panels of the front wall.
      • The light coming from rectangular panels set along the ceiling and walls was bright and even, with none of the flickering or smoking so characteristic of oil or wood.
      • The scene inside the ship was one of disarray - floor, wall and ceiling panels were loose all over the ship, exposing circuitry and metres of cable spilling out into the corridors.
      • Modesty panels of chiffon, where none might have existed before were seen on bodice fronts.
      • Insulated panels, insulation boards and environmental and pollution controls products all had a good year.
      • The nylon mesh side and back panels match, naturally, as do the sewn eyelets, and it features a classic trucker style plastic strap closure.
      • And the cypress wood was part of the door where the three equally-sized rectangular panels and four-pane glass window were present in it.
      • Figure-hugging silhouettes are accented by zippered pockets, panels and side vents.
      • Even the string bikini is striking with its stitched and pleated color-block panels.
      • It was made of the whitest silky material, with panels of lace on the bodice and right round the full skirt.
      • On the lowest floor, a series of sliding wall panels and pocketed opaque glass doors allow for maximum flexibility.
      • Painting was done on manuscripts, walls, wood panels, glass, and tiles.
      • Some unusual stitching down the front panels makes this shirt difficult to iron, so it tends to get forgotten about as it slowly sinks down the ironing pile.
      • A simplified elastic laminate is made from nonwovens and is especially suitable for side panels of training pant garments or the like.
      • The side panels are one piece for easy movement.
      • Sweater panels come in varying widths and lengths so plan carefully when buying and cutting.
      • Opaque elevations are clad in a rainscreen wall of green glass panels, each fixed with point fittings, to create a series of precise grids.
      • White tiles, white ceiling panels and white walls seemed to be the only thing that the architect had had in mind when designing the interior of the compound.
      • The company manufactures and installs wall panels, canopies, glass skylights, and walkways.
      • What lady does not relish the plush touch of ermine on her cheek, the airy intricacies of a panel of lace, or the cloud-like embrace of a velveteen settee?
      • This same material is now used in the production of seat cushions and panels for doors, walls, floors, and ceilings.
      • Bias-cut panels and an allover pattern camouflage the middle.
      • More than 470 glass wall and door panels, some curved, will divide and connect spaces in a new and unique way.
      • Vertical bands of frosted glass panels set into a wall of cabinets emphasize the room's newfound height.
      • Fine embroidered dress panels were considered works of art and as such were handed down from mother to daughter.
      • Top-quality logs are sliced into veneer, which then is glued to wall panels, doors, furniture, and cabinets.
      • Blue panels are stitched around the sleeves and the hem of the dress.
      • Then I shot through the glass panels of a French door.
      • A set of turntables was broken, electrical wiring ripped out and wood panels removed from the walls.
      • Ruffle necklines are big too, as well as fluted sleeves, hem flounces and ruched side panels.
      • She carried through that expertise to intricate knitwear, which included a poloneck woven from ribbed panels structured like the sections of a corset.

    • 1.2

      instrument panel panel (de instrumentos) masculine
      • control panel tablero (de control)

    • 1.3Art

      tabla feminine
      • There is no evidence, other than that within panels of the window itself, for the problems posed by the later incorporation of the heraldry of bishop and chapter within it.
      • However, because paintings played a secondary role in Gonse's book, his discussion on the panel appeared deep within his text.
      • Also challenging our sense of perception are large lenticular panels of Japanese cartoon figures juxtaposed on historical Chinese sites.
      • In Mitchell's multipart paintings, the panels were worked separately but were meant to be seen together.
      • The panels are separated from one another, and so the painting feels like an allegory of psychic completion, complicated by ambiguities of sex.
      • Ironically enough, debate continues over the division of labor and the artist responsible for the design of the central panel.
      • Each format is divided into panels, reminiscent of the way in which she has arranged the separate panels of her paintings.
      • The right-hand surface of each wedge is part of a single image, while the left-hand panels form a separate composite image.
      • The towering central panel is set within a classical arch and shows the Virgin and Child enthroned, with the infant Saint John the Baptist to one side.
      • He was inspired by her beauty and German heritage to create several designs for the mirror panels with images derived from Germanic folk art and mythology.
      • One of the first images one comes across when entering the gallery space is a triptych of a class portrait, interrupted by the central panel depicting a plant form.
      • Van Eyck's extant single-panel portraits are all decorated on the reverse, whereas the central panels of his surviving triptychs are not.
      • While the main panel of the altarpiece portrays a story of communal inclusion, the predella bears a story of social exclusion.
      • The central panel of this intact triptych altarpiece depicts the Mystic Marriage of St Catherine, together with other saints, flanked by donors.
      • Most panels depict eyes, from photographs, magazines and other artworks perhaps.
      • The assumption that the work is a physiognomic likeness has driven scholarly efforts to identify the panel's subject.
      • Another composite scene, it is divided into a central panel, two large curved sections in the lower areas of the vault, and seven small curved sections.
      • Yet, being multipartite, they call to mind the predella panels of early Renaissance altarpieces.
      • It is conceivable, of course, that the Louvre panel actually depicts its subject as he appeared at the time during which it was created.
      • By using retarding agents of different strengths within the same panel, decorative features can be created by varying the depth of the etch on elements of a pattern or design.

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    • 2.1

      (in discussion, interview) panel masculine
      (in discussion, interview) pánel masculine Colombia Venezuela
      (in quiz, contest) equipo masculine
      (in exam) mesa feminine
      (in exam) tribunal masculine
      (in exam) comisión feminine Chile
      • A panel of four judges armed with clipboards had the pleasure of sampling the hidden gems of the borough yesterday.
      • More than 50 students applied to take part following an advert in the student newspaper and were whittled down to the final four by a selection panel.
      • The panel concluded that four tests should immediately be withdrawn from sale as they were misleading and unreliable.
      • Marsh spoke on a panel of four mental health provider organizations.
      • Well, the president actually visited four of the eight panels.
      • Specialists in the field of photography tackled this task from various points of view in four panels.
      • Capital punishment may be imposed by the vote of four members of a panel of five military officers.
      • Robyn went to four of the discussion panels, and summarised them here most comprehensively.
      • During the day, the other four people on the panel do the same thing.
      • Reflecting the depth of bureaucratic resistance to his plans, the panel found only four prospects.
      • After the panel voted positively on four articles, impeachment was inevitable and a Senate vote for the president's removal seemed likely.
      • The couple had three separate visits from judges and also faced four panels of judges in London to win the prize.
      • The partnership she has established with Ian Waite looks formidable and has impressed the panel of four judges.
      • The young performers were auditioned in groups of eight and sang for 45 seconds for a panel of four judges.
      • A panel of four speakers kicked off the discussion with their opening remarks.
      • I'm hosting four panels which I'll be reminding you about here, ad nauseam.
      • No one from the floor was in favour of the artists' studios but when a vote was taken by the councillors on the panel, four were in favour but three were against.
      • All four impressed a panel of judges who scrutinised a 20-page questionnaire about the door policy, first aid training, procedures to deal with drugs and safety issues.
      • A six-member panel, which included four former Olympians, was put in place.
      • The panel liked the drawing and they got the job.

    • 2.2also panel discussion

      debate masculine

    • 2.3Law

      (list of jurors) lista de personas de la cual se selecciona un jurado
      (jury) jurado masculine
      • Part of the process of assembling juries involves removing from the panel of jurors those persons who have a close connection with the legal system by virtue of their employment.
      • Typically a panel of potential jurors is drawn from the jury room randomly.
      • I wait to hear the first panel of potential jurors being called to a courtroom.
      • The courts don't keep records of the racial balance of jury panels.
      • And sometimes before a trial even begins, you do your most critical work, screening through a jury panel.
      • He thus dropped several Protestant jurors from the panel and replaced them with Catholics.
      • A printed notice, in similar terms, is handed to all members of the jury panel when they commence their duties.
      • The randomness of the jury which s.80 of the Constitution contemplates is randomness at the point of creation of the panel of jurors from whom the ultimate jury is chosen.
      • We do not have the luxury of the system, which can provide instant access to litigants, in terms of courtrooms, judges and jury panels.
      • The tedious process of choosing a panel of 12 jurors was enlivened yesterday when it emerged the Jackson team planned to call a host of Hollywood celebrities in his defence.
      • It is also not uncommon in medium to long cases, for jurors on the panel from which the final random selection will be made, to be asked to answer a short questionnaire.
      • The panel of anonymous jurors deliberated for 13 days over a four-week period.
      • But it's back to the drawing board for this jury, with a new panel member, after juror No.7 was dismissed yesterday.
      • After both sides present their evidence and argue their cases, a panel of jurors must weigh what they have heard and decide whether or not the accused person is guilty as charged.
      • Whereas jury panels, in exceptional cases, can be vetted, this was not such a case.
      • The jury panel felt that system integration was much more prevalent than in previous years.
      • The significance of the advancement was immediately apparent to the juror panel.
      • Because then they get to purge the jury panel of anyone who expresses qualms about the death penalty.
      • Do you think X-generationers are making up an ever-increasing number of people who are making up panels of jurors?
      • A challenge to the array involved a party objecting to the composition of the panel of potential jurors from which the trial jury would be selected.

transitive verbpanelling, panelled, paneled, paneling

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    (wall/room) revestir con paneles
    • The family bathroom has a parquet floor and panelled walls as well as a sauna and bath with shower attachment.
    • Inside, there are panelled walls, adorned with old prints galore.
    • The dining room is panelled to chest height and has an intricate, golden fabric wallcovering above.
    • Pine figures largely in the furniture and décor, with the walls panelled on the lower half.
    • Today, the club has panelled walls, with one covered in bright yellow posters advertising past and recent acts.
    • The walls were paneled with mahogany, as were the floors.
    • He has a fine old office at the end of a faded, panelled corridor, five floors up by a rickety lift.
    • The floor was covered with a plush carpet, and the walls were paneled with a synthetic wood molding, giving the room a stately air.
    • The castle has a panelled dining room, a library, a billiards room and a grand hall.
    • The walls were panelled with the same oak, and the seats cushioned with soft red leather.
    • This has a tiled floor, part-tiled walls, wood panelled ceiling and spotlighting.
    • The walls were paneled with nondescript sand colored wood.
    • The walls were paneled wood, the ceiling white.
    • Double panelled doors interconnect with the family room where the walls are part-panelled.
    • The servery and furniture have been upgraded and the walls are now panelled.
    • The adjoining bathroom has panelled walls, a bath and a vanity unit with tiled surround.
    • If your walls are paneled, you may want to finish the light shaft to match.
    • The walls were panelled in some form of regal looking wood, and the floors were carpeted royal red.
    • They went through a set of oak panelled doors into a room with a swimming pool.
    • The walls were panelled in wood, the floor covered in carpets decorated with curlicues to rival any Persian rug.
  • 2paneled", US "panelled, Britishpast participle

    (door) de paneles
    (skirt) de piezas
    an oak-paneled room una habitación con paneles de roble