Translation of panic attack in Spanish:

panic attack

ataque de pánico, n.


  • 1

    ataque de pánico masculine
    ataque de ansiedad masculine
    • The study just wouldn't go in and one day I suffered a panic attack.
    • Jessica blamed herself for his sudden panic attack because it was around the time that she was born that he became a fitness freak.
    • The 17-year-old ended up on her knees, crying and suffering a panic attack.
    • My first panic attack came out of nowhere and hit me at work one day.
    • I knew a panic attack was coming on, but I had to hold on, get to the studio and get through the audition.
    • I've still got this problem, any time I hear that I just feel like some part of me goes funny, like a panic attack.
    • Sometimes anxiety explodes in a panic attack, marked by a general feeling of terror.
    • Paralysed after a severe panic attack, he thought he was dying.
    • If I pinch my hand, I have pain without suffering, whereas someone having a panic attack suffers without pain.
    • He suffered a panic attack at his office, and decided to come and talk to me to blow off some steam, as he put it.
    • Basically, they avoid any situation they fear would make them feel helpless if a panic attack occurs.
    • More than a feeling of anxiety, a panic attack produces distinctive physical symptoms.
    • She says she suffered an acute panic attack, sending her to the emergency room.
    • He says that his sense of humour disappeared, that he became short tempered and that he suffered the occasional panic attack.
    • After experiencing a panic attack, a person becomes more vulnerable to additional attacks.