Translation of panic button in Spanish:

panic button

botón de alarma, n.


  • 1

    botón de alarma masculine
    • We have now fitted an alarm system, with a panic button which switches on all the alarms if you press it.
    • No emergency communication system other than a portable panic button is available;
    • Her home will probably be fitted with a panic button to summon police if she is attacked.
    • This also benefits the staff, who, should they find themselves in a dangerous situation, are able to press a panic button on the badge, alerting the controller to where they are in the building.
    • Bosses of the firm say the new system, which should be installed by the end of August, will also feature a panic button, allowing staff to call for help in an emergency.
    • The panic button consists of two buttons, red and green.
    • The terrified cashier couldn't use a panic button to alert emergency services because the phone lines to the garage have been out of order for three weeks.
    • He suggested that schools could install an early-warning system like a panic button or could provide in-house training for teachers to manager difficult people.
    • On the night the incident took place, the nurses did manage to press the panic button at the accident and emergency department.
    • He added that the system includes a hidden panic button for hijack situations and emergencies as well as a tow-away alarm.
    • The radios have a panic button to enable help to be summoned immediately or to order CCTV operators to turn cameras on an incident.