Translation of panorama in Spanish:


panorama, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpænəˈrɑmə//panəˈrɑːmə//ˌpænəˈræmə/


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    panorama masculine
    • The Peak, where the city's affluent live, offers a panorama of Hong Kong Harbour, Kowloon, the mountains of China and the islands of the South China Sea.
    • It's in the shade of the tung trees that the road from Sanyi meanders, punctuated by the occasional panorama of the surrounding countryside.
    • Stairs in the kiosk led us up to a viewing platform that afforded us a wonderful panorama of the Mima prairie.
    • From the observation windows on the top you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Buenos Aires.
    • From the 12 th floor of the Al-Rashid Hotel, the view is much like the panorama of any large metropolis.
    • Further windows were added at discreet points around the barn, mostly at low level, framing horizontal panoramas of the landscape visible when sitting inside.
    • Ord House, dating from 1763, lies on the shores of Loch Eishort on Skye and offers dramatic uninterrupted panoramas of the famous black mountains.
    • I strongly recommend that you go there, either on foot or by car as the view from there gives a panorama of Canterbury mountains.
    • The impact is estimated to remove 10 per cent of the panorama and seascape and will be visible for up to 60 km.
    • The winding road offers breathtaking panoramas of valleys below.
    • The rooftop panorama is breathtaking: the surrounding hills and valleys, with their terraced fields, orchards and tiny villages, look less like Africa than a central Asian Shangri-la.
    • From the back of a jeep I gazed at the rolling landscape - a vast panorama dotted with fruit trees and the grass-roof huts of scattered settlements.
    • From the hilltop, a spectacular panorama of the surrounding countryside unfolds above the enchanting town.
    • The images spread over several walls, punctuated by windows offering a panorama of the actual Bund, the Huangpu River and the futuristic Pudong district beyond.
    • Here the view itself provided the catalyst as Ron created a living space offering a backdrop to the panorama, rather than the other way round.
    • From the summit the panorama encompasses fine views of the Great Glen in general and Loch Ness in particular.
    • I live in a small town on a hill that overlooks Beirut, the view from my balcony a breathtaking panorama.
    • This opens up a fine panorama of the surrounding hill country, with peak upon peak now in sight.
    • As I climbed up onto the wall and took a seat, the sparkling panorama surrounding me took my breath away.
    • Naxos boasts one of the finest views in the Cyclades, the breathtaking panorama of the Potamia valley.