Translation of pantywaist in Spanish:


gallina, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpæn(t)iˌweɪst//ˈpantɪwɛɪst/



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    gallina masculine informal
    • Then again, it turns out that, as a nation, Sweden could drink any steak-eating New Yorker pantywaist under the table. 46 litres of spirits a year?
    • Ultimately the little roughneck escapes, and she bonds with the town's nerdy little pantywaist.
    • It's about sushi-gobbling pantywaists in the luxury boxes playing out their fantasies.
    • Imagine my disgust at having to sit in the dark with ascot-wearing pantywaists who call the movies ‘cinema’ and smoke imported cigarettes.
    • He has devised the word ‘Guardianistas’, for the pantywaists (nervous nellies) who read this paper and have an occasional reservation about American foreign policy.