Translation of pap in Spanish:


papilla, n.

Pronunciation /pap//pæp/


  • 1

    (soft food)
    papilla feminine
    • At the age of 5 months, a baby should be given pap, besides breast milk.
    • Therefore to stuff the baby with paps and slops is to deprive it of the most strengthening food; for if its stomach be filled with pap, there cannot be any room for food.
    • Throughout the years a soft gruel-like substance called pap was fed to small babies. Pap was made of a number of things including ground cornmeal and water.
    • Babies are breast-fed on demand, often for well over a year, although solid foods, usually rice pap, may be introduced at a young age.
  • 2South African

    (sweet porridge)
    • Customers are given a choice between pap and rice served with chicken or beef stew.
    • Apart from tasting traditional Xhosa food - from kudu steaks to samp and beans and stywe pap - the Canadians will be licking their fingers as they tuck into specially made Springbok wors.
    • The restaurants reach a market that does not demand the sophistication of established restaurants, offering customers favourite traditional dishes such as pap and chicken, meat or intestines, liver or tripe.
    • Other items include a finger lunch of meat dishes, vegetables and salads or a braai menu of chicken peri-peri, rump steak, traditional wors served with pap, rolls, roasted potato and tomato gravy.
    • Most of the restaurants serve French cuisine, and just as pap is our staple food here, so is bread over there, every meal comes with bread.

    papilla de harina de maíz hervida

  • 3

    this book/show is mindless pap! este libro/espectáculo es una estupidez / una tontería