Translation of papyrus in Spanish:


papiro, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈpʌɪrəs//pəˈpaɪrəs/

nounPlural papyri, Plural papyruses

  • 1

    papiro masculine
    • The ramps were built out of clay, wood and papyrus.
    • The documents of the early medieval period in Italy take the following shape: no more than about fifty documents survive from the sixth and seventh centuries, nearly all on papyrus, and nearly all from Ravenna.
    • The ancient Egyptians either engraved the hieroglyphs in the stonework of their temples or painted them on the walls of the burial chamber or inscribed them with a reed pen on rolls of papyrus, the antecedent of our paper.
    • Documents written on papyri were found in some pyramid temples, especially at Abusir.
    • He noted down on a papyrus or an ostraka a full record of the grain measured so that a definite tax liability could be determined.