Translation of par in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /pɑː//pɑr/


  • 1

    • They were 14 under par for four balls, but only level par for 36 holes of foursomes compared to England's 16 under.
    • The third hole is a par 3, and, like clockwork, there's always a backup on that tee.
    • 1.1(equal level)

      on a par (with sb/sth)
      • the two athletes are on a par los dos atletas son del mismo nivel
      • the two systems are more or less on a par los dos sistemas son más o menos parecidos / equivalentes
      • the new law puts us on a par with workers in other countries la nueva ley nos pone en igualdad de condiciones / nos equipara con los trabajadores de otros países

    • 1.2(accepted standard)

      his acting is not up to par su actuación no es del nivel adecuado
      • his work was below par this month este mes su trabajo no estuvo a la altura de lo que se esperaba
      • not to be/feel up to par no estar/sentirse del todo bien
      • to be/feel below par no estar/sentirse del todo bien

  • 2

    • 2.1

      tipo de cambio masculine

    • 2.2

      valor nominal masculine
      at par (value) a la par
      • above/below par (value) por encima/por debajo de la par
      • Biddle actively pursued a policy of pressing state banks to redeem their outstanding banknotes at promised par or face value in specie.
      • It will offer for subscription 2 100 006 shares with a par and issue value of 10 leva each.
      • The successful issuers of currency would be the organizations with reputations strong enough to maintain the market values of their securities at exact par.
      • Each right allows subscribing a share with a par and issue value of one lev.
      • The exchange said IFCI would place the shares with IDBI at par and subject to central bank approvals.

  • 3

    (in golf)
    par masculine
    three under/over par tres bajo/sobre par
    • par for the course (normal, standard) lo normal