Translation of paragon in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈparəɡ(ə)n//ˈpɛrəˌɡɑn/


  • 1

    a paragon of virtue un dechado de virtudes
    • I think if we look back on our history, we had some very effective public servants who may have had some problems in their personal life and people who were perhaps paragons of personal behavior but were not good publicly to our country.
    • Collins may not have been a paragon of virtue but he deserves better than to be remembered by future generations as a ruthless, self-serving and power-hungry meglomaniac.
    • Marigold means well in her vocation, but her strength of character and reputation as a paragon of all virtues isolates her from the reality of messy, suffering, worrying, humanity.
    • But Cedric the Entertainer steals the show as Eddie, the ancient barber who is a paragon of political incorrectness.
    • It turns out Fields was a huge admirer of hers, but their approaches to comedy, and life, were poles apart - Fields being a master of excess and West a paragon of abstemiousness.
    • Asylum-seekers are subject to human nature, just like the rest of us, and not every single one is going to be a paragon of virtue.
    • Over the past 10 years the Minneapolis Star Tribune has made itself a national laughingstock as a paragon of political correctness.
    • Persius is often regarded as a paragon of Stoic virtue, but in fact he makes no secret of his own imperfections; in the confusion of different voices, he speaks as an erring student as well as a stern tutor.
    • This, after all, is the same industry that last year spent $1.7 billion on TV ads promoting its products and painting itself as a paragon of virtue and compassion.
    • Even though he was divorced and many of his Hollywood friends hardly saw him as a paragon of morality, he managed to present himself in politics as an exemplar of ‘family values.’