Translation of parallel in Spanish:


paralelo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈparəlɛl//ˈpɛrəˌlɛl/


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    • 1.1

      (streets/rows) paralelo
      parallel lines (feminine plural) rectas paralelas
      • parallel to sth paralelo a algo
      • the road runs parallel to the state border la carretera va / corre (en dirección) paralela a la frontera del estado
      • a parallel text edition una edición bilingüe
      • Part of the alleyway, which runs parallel to the north side of Manchester Road, remained sealed off.
      • In atom lithography, a stream of atoms is focused onto a surface by laser light that runs parallel to the surface.
      • This beetle's other noticeable feature is a set of parallel lines on the front wings that serve as the cover for the hind wings and abdomen.
      • Von Laue showed that x rays are diffracted in specific directions determined by the distances of separation between the parallel planes of molecules in crystals.
      • The parabola results when the plane is parallel to a generating line of the cone.
      • The lines midway between parallel sides of the hexagon also form a triangle.
      • Your feet should be firmly planted on the wall with your toes pointed upward at a line nearly parallel to the surface of the water.
      • The basic idea was to stay parallel to an existing trail by keeping the edge of the paper between the two sensors on one side of the chassis.
      • The first fracture occurs in a plane approximately parallel to the snow surface.
      • The fact that the loading axis was parallel to the axis of the anchors may result in underestimating the effects of suture-anchor interaction at the eyelet.
      • In the other case, the sides of the hexagon are parallel to the sides of the given triangle.
      • In geometry like this, all lines intersect at infinity but in usual geometry parallel lines do not meet.
      • The lateral surface area of a spherical slice cut by two parallel planes is equal to the lateral surface area of the corresponding slice of the circumscribing cylinder.
      • Euclid wished to discover whether there existed a simple geometrical proportionality between the apparent size of equal and parallel lines and their distances from the eye.
      • Such side entry eliminates complicating reflections from the other parallel surface of the substrate.
      • The most important result in Guidobaldo's treatise was that any set of parallel lines, not parallel to the plane of the picture, will converge to a vanishing point.
      • If we have a uniform grid of parallel lines, unit distance apart and if we drop a needle of length k < 1 on the grid, the probability that the needle falls across a line is 2k/p.
      • When an object is at rest on a stationary support, the thrust line is parallel to a radius of the planet, i.e. it lies in the gravitational vertical.
      • Fermat also investigated maxima and minima by considering when the tangent to the curve was parallel to the x-axis.
      • To produce good crackling, the raw skin is scored in close parallel lines right through the fat and down to the flesh.

    • 1.2(similar)

      • Although once synonymous with the German New Wave of the early 1970s, Wenders has enjoyed a long parallel career in American cinema and divided his time between Berlin and Hollywood.
      • The irreducible mind and the body are more like parallel or independent properties that don't causally influence each other.
      • Combining elements of live improvisation with beat manipulation, Cinematic Orchestra creates soundtracks for movies that exist in some parallel universe.
      • Interestingly, these two currents in the study of US ethnic literatures correspond to a parallel divergence on questions of politics and aesthetics.
      • NAT King Cole was a prodigious artist with parallel careers: as a great jazz pianist who cut some beautiful sides with heavyweights such as Lester Young, and as a crooner with a voice like soft petals.
      • Lovecraft based a parallel Massachusetts on the existing one.
      • There is also a third source of shared variation: independent parallel mutations, which may be a special problem in species that are very polymorphic.
      • Widdowson's solo writing has prepared him well for his parallel career writing material for other people's TV and radio shows.
      • They see it as a parallel place, possibly existing right alongside their own world.
      • Perhaps, like me, you went with friends, talked late into the night, argued over theories: parallel universes, time-slippages, identity disorders.
      • The phasic and tonic crayfish claw closer neurons have similar sized somata and parallel dendritic branching.
      • He lives in an England which lies in a universe which is parallel to ours - a world where Joshua Wagstaffe discovered aether in 1678.
      • Those fabulous, hovering blocks of pure colour and intractable darkness - brooding encounters with the infinite - take the viewer beyond the art work into a parallel universe.
      • He also has a parallel career as a cricket writer and has published two anecdotal histories of Indian cricket.
      • He won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music, where he studied composition with Vaughan Williams and, by the time the second world war broke out, he had developed a parallel career as a composer and organist.

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    • 3.1Computing

      en paralelo
      parallel printer impresora en paralelo feminine
      • Programming the ButtonBox requires constructing a special parallel cable to connect to it, and then running the programming software.
      • The new system will be used to handle clustered parallel visualization software, display high-resolution images and perform real-time rendering.
      • A parallel data processing system is provided for increasing the program execution rate of a target machine.
      • This can mean one thread running from an application and a second thread running from an operating system, or parallel threads running from within a single application.
      • The utility consists of a cable with a USB connector on one end and a DB25 parallel connector at the other end.
      • I then went ahead and plugged in all the motherboard connectors such as the power switch, reset switch, etc. and then plugged in all the molex and parallel connectors.
      • It only offers a parallel connection, which is ideal for those with older PCs but lacks the simplicity of USB - though the setup guide makes installation a breeze.
      • More importantly, parallel connections become far less efficient as traffic rates increase, making serial connections more scalable.
      • A DVD drive doesn't need 150 mb/sec of bandwidth, so parallel ATA performance is good enough.
      • An array of qubits operates as a parallel computer capable of performing a large calculation in one step, and the power grows rapidly with the number of qubits.

    • 3.2Electronics

      (circuit) paralelo


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    (line) paralela feminine
    (plane) plano paralelo masculine
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    paralelo masculine
    the 38th parallel el paralelo 38
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    to look at the parallels between two things estudiar el paralelismo entre dos cosas
    • one is struck by the parallels with contemporary Africa llama la atención el paralelismo que existe con el África contemporánea
    • without parallel sin parangón
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    to draw a parallel establecer un paralelismo / un paralelo
    • the article draws a parallel between the two thinkers el artículo establece un paralelo / un paralelismo entre los dos pensadores
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    in parallel paralelamente

transitive verb


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    ser análogo a
    ser paralelo a