Translation of paraphrase in Spanish:


paráfrasis, n.

Pronunciation /ˈparəfreɪz//ˈpɛrəˌfreɪz/


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    paráfrasis feminine
    • In his early years as a teacher he wrote explanatory paraphrases of many of Aristotle's works, setting a pattern of exegesis which continued to be followed throughout the Middle Ages.
    • The phrases in quotations are paraphrases of Article IV of the Bill of Rights.
    • As an author, I can say that there is nothing more disconcerting than to read numerous paragraphs in another book that are hauntingly similar paraphrases of one's own work.
    • This means, in turn, that while many of his paraphrases of little known Italian texts are fascinating, his interpretations are problematic.
    • Some anthems have texts in verse - for example psalm paraphrases or hymns, or even original poems - though none of these were termed ‘anthem’ until well into the 19th century.
    • But of course you can't include URLs in wire stories - it's just not done, and, after all, why would readers want to see actual data when they can read general paraphrases?
    • I finally had to end it when his paraphrases of what I said became more and more outrageous and inaccurate.
    • The following is not a transcript, but a paraphrase of statements and positions.
    • The simple paraphrases of Scripture, the fact-filled descriptions of life in first-century Palestine, and the gentle words of Jesus stirred my heart.
    • He cannot get around that by saying he wrote a paraphrase down on a piece of paper.
    • All the way through there are phrases, paraphrases and constructions that strike me as unoriginal.
    • That was my best paraphrase of all the CNA reports about the barrage.
    • The interviews were taped, transcribed, and translated: the texts should be considered as paraphrases.
    • In fact, many are direct paraphrases of the Psalms and other important Scripture texts.
    • Indeed, Digby, bravo on mastering the art of the paraphrase in mere weeks.
    • It was that old newspaper trick of using single inverted commas, safe in the knowledge that most readers wouldn't know this meant it was a paraphrase.
    • The apparatus gives readings from several editions, the note gives clear paraphrases of the two originals, and a two-page long note reviews reasoning and approaches by all the major editors.
    • This is a paraphrase, but it does convey the flavour.
    • Below is a bitty paraphrase of a section of the lecture, a section concerning Derrida.
    • In a few cases there even seem to be traces of the use of the Aramaic paraphrases of the Hebrew text which are known as the ‘targums’.

transitive verb

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    • Absolutely, and in hindsight, perhaps I wish I'd just paraphrased it, not used quotes.
    • It's almost a situation where too much is done in advance to hide the fact that the king, paraphrasing the well-known children's fairy tale, is wearing no clothes.
    • ‘One believer to another is like one body,’ he said, noting that he was paraphrasing a saying of the prophet Mohammed.
    • The answers are paraphrased as I wrote them down as fast as I could.
    • It's a tough gig best described by paraphrasing the old joke about farming: If you want to make a small fortune free-lancing, start with a large fortune.
    • Printed text was paraphrased to avoid breaking the code.
    • This story is of course a minor one, but I am paraphrasing it here because I think it sheds great light on provincial Iraqi affairs about which those of us here in the West hear only rarely.
    • I'm paraphrasing an old joke to make a point about the state of celebrity in 2002.
    • Typically, those are paraphrased into something we can understand, but this epithet, which is arguably worse in motive than those, gets printed.
    • In part because the meanings of a Beethoven symphony can't be paraphrased into words, one can make purely personal, emotional use of the music.
    • Active listening involves occasionally paraphrasing ideas expressed by the person.
    • Interesting though the research on driver impairment due to carrying out a mobile conversation is just paraphrasing the research sufficient work to generate an article?
    • Miller committed a further offense by paraphrasing the quote and distorting Smithson's analysis.
    • And so we paraphrased Trotsky rather than quoting him directly.
    • ‘Friendship perhaps is not necessary for survival,’ I paraphrased one of his famous quotes.
    • I'm totally paraphrasing this conversation.
    • The discovery of every tale, Naipaul writes, paraphrasing Joseph Conrad, is a moral one.
    • Here the indefinite a fun and fruity wine can be paraphrased as a fun and fruity kind of wine.
    • The words were repeated and the speech was paraphrased.
    • The quote attributed to the person is paraphrased but contains more detail than the account in the first statement.