Translation of parasitology in Spanish:


parasitología, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpɛrəsəˈtɑlədʒi//ˌpɛrəsaɪˈtɑlədʒi//ˌparəsɪˈtɒlədʒi/


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    parasitología feminine
    • Neurocysticercosis offers interesting perspectives for research in immunology and parasitology.
    • Distance learning can help fill a void in various specialty areas such as mycology, parasitology, and body fluids.
    • Starting in 1986, when she embarked on a fellowship in parasitology and vaccinology at the National Institutes of Health, she's dedicated herself to developing vaccines for AIDS and tuberculosis.
    • Biomedical research at York includes teams working on cancer, parasitology, biochemistry and structural biology.
    • Traditionally, the field of parasitology has dealt with eukaryotic animals, to the exclusion of viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc., which is the way it will be approached here.
    • The study of the strategies used by parasites for their transmission is a central topic in parasitology.
    • Military medicine also requires a solid background in tropical medicine and hygiene, parasitology and a full understanding of epidemiological methods and preventive medicine.
    • As animal trypanosomes are easy to maintain in culture and multiply rapidly, they have evolved to become the models of researchers in the field of molecular parasitology and immunology.
    • He has published several research articles on immunology, parasitology, and public health.
    • Our allegiances are divided between protozoology, phycology, parasitology, mycology, protistology, plant pathology and myriad other professional societies and their journals.
    • These include natural history, distribution and systematics, population dynamics, physiology, parasitology and pathology, community structure, research methods, and behavior.
    • The organization of this vast amount of information into concise comparative tables will be very useful for pathology residents, microbiologists, and infectious disease fellows learning the complexity of parasitology.
    • Through collaboration with the department of parasitology, PCR techniques for the diagnosis of the parasitic disease leishmaniasis were simplified and have been used routinely in Nicaragua for the last decade.
    • The Committee is comprised of scientific experts with experience in a variety of disciplines such as animal husbandry, animal behaviour, bacteriology, clinical medicine, epidemiology, parasitology and virology.
    • Testing this exciting hypothesis had to wait until I had completed my medical studies and received training in parasitology.
    • In this case, an experienced ornithologist has bravely examined parasitology and has looked at empirical data, views, and ideas in a manner that is both similar to and different from that of parasitologists.
    • Looking back over the previous winners we can see a diversity of interests ranging from livestock or equine veterinary to companion animal or to specialists in subjects such as parasitology.
    • His photomicrographs have been featured on the covers of seven scientific journals and he has published widely on parasitology.
    • The problem, according to Steve Barker, associate professor of parasitology at the University of Queensland, is that many treatments are of little use, with the degree of resistance varying from area to area.
    • I sense it in the next three years, together with fabulous students, that we have we are going to make amazing discoveries and just turn the world of parasitology around.