Translation of parcel bomb in Spanish:

parcel bomb

paquete-bomba, n.


  • 1

    paquete-bomba masculine
    • Mr Heseltine is running late, she says, looking around for somewhere to put me, as if I am a parcel bomb.
    • See six magpies and win the national lottery, see seven and your hands are blown off by a parcel bomb.
    • His body was found in a hotel toilet in the city of Kaduna with the remains of a parcel bomb after an explosion that no one heard.
    • In Humberside a woman was injured when a device was sent to an estate and land agent in Patrington, and police also said a young girl was injured by a parcel bomb in Cheshire last week.
    • A parcel bomb blamed on the Basque separatist group ETA injured a journalist yesterday, two days after elections in Spain's Basque Country dealt a setback to ETA's political allies.
    • The letters were sent with parcel bombs to the Italian offices of Spanish airline Iberia.
    • While some local sources have claimed that the woman was a suicide bomber, others have suggested that the minibus may have been destroyed by a parcel bomb placed under a female passenger's seat.
    • Eight parcel bombs were yesterday targeted at Pakistani security authorities here, of which three exploded injuring nine people, police said.
    • Myanmar embassies in Japan and Singapore received suspicious letters in the past week that turned out to be parcel bombs, a Defense Ministry official said Thursday.
    • She leaves for Lesotho where she becomes a victim of a parcel bomb.
    • An anti-EU anarchist group from Italy is believed to be behind the parcel bomb which blew up at the Radcliffe headquarters of MEP Gary Titley.
    • On November 4, the police officer investigating the case was seriously injured when he received a parcel bomb concealed in a box of sweets that blew up when he opened it.