Translation of parchment in Spanish:


pergamino, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑrtʃmənt//ˈpɑːtʃm(ə)nt/


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    pergamino masculine
    • She laid the four pieces of parchment on the varnished surface of the table and paced up and down the length of the kitchen.
    • He handed her a piece of old parchment then headed to the door.
    • He motioned Adriana to a chair and took his seat at a broad table covered with parchment rolls.
    • I came always in the afternoon, for in the forenoon when I had finished my reading or writing I was at work spinning, or helping the monks prepare inks or parchment.
    • He began his audacious series of deceptions at the age of 17, when he was working in a lawyer's office with easy access to old parchment, deeds, and antiquated forms of writing.
    • Her hair was blackened and sodden, and her skin was yellowing, like parchment or old bread.
    • King James was sitting on his throne, reading from a thin piece of parchment.
    • But how good will you look if your skin turns to parchment decades before it should?
    • The most important expression of public feeling came on great, stiff rolls of parchment.
    • Since then most societies have used horns of animals with the tips cut off and covered with parchment, leather, sponges, and cloths for infants to suckle.
    • In that year the chancery clerks began to keep copies, on rolls of parchment, of most of the letters - and certainly of all the important ones - sent out under the great seal.
    • His eyes were cold grey pebbles against the ancient parchment of his complexion.
    • As Heather approached it she saw that it had a piece of decrepit parchment, all rolled up like a scroll.
    • To complete his birdman outfit, the monk must have stretched parchment or thin cloth over the frame, which, we are told, he attached to both his arms and his feet.
    • Vellum, traditionally made from calf skin as opposed to parchment which is made from goat or sheep skin, is very expensive.
    • His skin felt like wet parchment, and I'll tell you a secret, I knew a little girl who would draw on him.
    • The words had been scrawled onto the leathery parchment with a crude piece of charcoal.
    • Here the monks prepared the parchment, stretching it on frames and scraping it to make it smooth, after it had first been soaked in specially prepared liquids to condition it.
    • She was older, even by elf standards, and had grey hair and skin like old parchment.
    • Grasping the bag she felt the soft crinkle of old parchment beneath the worn cloth.