Translation of pare in Spanish:


pelar, v.

Pronunciation: /pɛr//pɛː/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Barrett has the ability to really pare away the onion skins of the individual to show the true man inside.
    • Doctors take up knives and pare off flesh and bone.
    • My brand new trainers were completely wrecked with the imprints of red hot nails all over them, and it took me hours that afternoon to pare off all the blackened rubber with a knife to keep my parents from finding out.
    • So he needed a thin section, for much the same reason that the microscopist pares off a thin sliver of tissue for investigation.
  • 2

    (nails) cortar
    • Being a consummate realist, Joyce reports what he observes and then nonchalantly pares his fingernails, as Stephen suggests in the speculative remarks at the end of A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man.
    • As soon as the nails were soft, I pared them right back.
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