Translation of parent in Spanish:


progenitor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛːr(ə)nt//ˈpɛrənt/


  • 1

    (birds/plant) (before noun) progenitor
    (cell) madre
    my/his parents mis/sus padres
    • the adopting parents los padres adoptantes
    • it has to be signed by a parent tiene que firmarlo uno de los padres
    • many of the children have only one parent muchos de los niños provienen de hogares / familias monoparentales
    • the responsibility of being a parent la responsabilidad que conlleva el ser padre/madre / el tener hijos
    • parents' day día de puertas abiertas para los padres
    • parents' meeting reunión de padres
    • parent company / corporation sociedad matriz
    • We constructed plasmid fusions by cloning the promoter regions of the wild-type parent and the inversion mutant onto the pRS550 plasmid.
    • For an animal parent to neglect its own offspring would therefore be for it to behave contrary to its nature.
    • The link between contemporary groups of animals is achieved when at least one animal in a group has a common parent with an animal in another group.
    • By tissue culture methods, these can then be used for the regeneration of another plant like the parent.
    • Acalypha wilkesiana, the Fijian fire plant, is the parent of many modern cultivars and is in itself a showy ornamental.
    • A progeny animal is one derived from sexual reproduction that has at least one cloned animal as a parent (but could result from two cloned animals mating).
    • The three propagation methods above will produce a new lily plant identical to the parent.