Translation of parent–teacher association in Spanish:

parent–teacher association

Pronunciation /ˌpɛːrəntˈtiːtʃə əsəʊsɪˌeɪʃ(ə)n//əˌsoʊʃiˈeɪʃən//ˈpɛrənt ˈtitʃər əˌsoʊsiˈeɪʃən/


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    asociación de padres y maestros feminine
    • Members of parent-teacher associations and students who help to mentor younger children could soon be forced to undergo police checks to ensure they are not paedophiles.
    • The solution, says the County Joint Committee, is to invite local councils, parent-teacher associations or organisations like the scouts to organise supervision.
    • But would it be reasonable to report the head teacher's salary, the amount raised by the parent-teacher association last year and the average length of service of staff?
    • The first variable is equal to 1 if the parent belonged to a parent-teacher association or related organization, or volunteered at school.
    • Ask your parent-teacher association and/or school administrators to invite a local law-enforcement official to speak to parents and/or the student body about hazing and the state's anti-hazing law.
    • The proposed shake-up could provoke a power struggle between Scotland's school boards and parent-teacher associations, with parents caught in the middle.
    • Teachers and the parent-teacher associations should ensure that programmes that improve self-motivation of the students were organised on a regular basis in schools, he added.
    • Voice your concerns to teachers, fellow parents, school bus drivers, school counselors, the school board, and the parent-teacher association.
    • When my oldest son who is now in college studying music attended elementary school, our parent-teacher association conducted fundraising events to help purchase a computer for every classroom.
    • The parents have been magnanimous, and both the parent-teacher association and action group have worked well as a team.
    • Schools must adopt a nutrition and food policy and set up a nutrition committee, in which the parent-teacher association will have a major role to play.
    • The film is scheduled for distribution through parent-teacher associations and school principals this fall.
    • There have been withdrawals from parent-teacher associations.
    • In the United States, grass-roots efforts involved many groups, including paediatricians, parent-teacher associations, and local and state health departments.
    • Stephen Franks made some good points about school parent-teacher associations and groups of people like that who have come to rely on this form of fund-raising for their activities.
    • For the school, active parent-teacher associations can make the difference, in the state sector especially, between good facilities and outstanding ones.
    • No meals are served at the school, although the parent-teacher association may run a stand that sells snacks for break time.
    • The parent-teacher association at your child's school may even offer sessions about talking to teens where you can share tips and experiences with other parents.
    • They must join or organize parent-teacher associations at schools and insist that gross commercialization of every kind be banned.
    • She served on the public library's executive board and was active in the parent-teacher association when her four daughters were in school.