Translation of parentage in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpɛːr(ə)ntɪdʒ//ˈpɛrən(t)ɪdʒ/



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    of humble/noble parentage de origen humilde/noble
    • of unknown parentage de padres desconocidos
    • Indeed, common place of origin is often connected with genos, one's origins by common descent and parentage.
    • Or would they adopt the Nazi model and look at parentage to establish how English someone's heritage was?
    • Well his background, his parentage and his ancestry was Jewish.
    • A High Court judge yesterday reserved judgment in the first stage of the legal action to help people conceived by donor insemination to discover more about their parentage.
    • Weisz, a London native of Hungarian and Austrian parentage, previously appeared in such films as The Mummy, Enemy at the Gates and Runaway Jury.
    • Calves were born between late February and mid May in each calving year and were identified for parentage at birth.
    • Born in the United States of Barbadian parentage, she must somehow bridge the gap between two identities that are often in conflict.
    • This study provides empirical support for the use of likelihood analysis to infer parentage of progeny with multiple compatible parent pairs.
    • Born of Russian parentage, Robin never new his father and it was a standing joke that he would probably bump into him when one of the many Soviet dance troupes visited Wimbledon Theatre.
    • Apparently, the media knew Aaron had secretly given his servant a child to care for, but they mistook the boy's parentage.
    • The idea that people of mixed racial parentage and their descendants may have special needs is increasingly gaining ground.
    • In a smaller community, the members of a subculture - all four of them - would be known by name, background and parentage.
    • For example, when an offspring and parent share rare alleles, confidence in parentage is higher than when sharing common alleles.
    • Most often, children of dual racial parentage are identified with whichever race their physical features most reflect.
    • I have Welsh parentage, Welsh ancestry, was taught the Welsh language at school, and indeed I have lived in Wales.
    • To simulate a situation in which neither parent is known, the assignment of parentage was divided into two parts.
    • She knew no parents; those in the Service never learned their parentage.
    • There are some Moroccans, Algerians, Canadians, Germans, Americans and children with Indonesian and French parentage.
    • Questioning his parentage vocally I went after him, crawled on my belly under the futon, and strained my arm out to retrieve the little plastic bag.
    • Chiluba's parentage and educational background are both in dispute.