Translation of parish council in Spanish:

parish council

consejo del distrito, n.


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    (in England)
    consejo del distrito masculine
    • If a parish council is supported, then Conservatives will no doubt lead the way in its establishment.
    • Members of the parish council are asking dog owners to make sure that if their pets foul in public places that they bag it and bin it.
    • It is time that the parish council told council tax payers what is going on - openly and frankly.
    • The parish council will now write to Leeds City Council with their objections to the plans.
    • A spokesman for the parish council said repair costs had to be met by the council.
    • Concern was expressed by members of the parish council about sirens and traffic lights.
    • The forum was set up by the parish council to organise a wide range of activities for young people in the area.
    • He said the scheme was worthwhile and the county council still hoped to work with the parish council.
    • The parish council has also asked the district council to give it more time to make a full response to the application.
    • This is what democracy is about and it is the parish council's duty to ensure that this happens.
    • The parish council adopted the code of conduct in May and all members had to sign it no later than July 15.
    • The parish council has done studies, every agency in government is doing studies.
    • Mr Lewis is also a member of the Rawcliffe parish council which opposed the use of the site for retail purposes.
    • As trustees of the Institute, the parish council is considering selling it to fund a new centre.
    • The parish council has been trying to raise the issue with the county for more than six months, said Mr Clark.
    • The committee recently made a donation to the parish council towards a play park for the village.
    • If you live in the parish and would like more information please contact the parish council.
    • We now learn that the vice-chairman of the parish council is also employed by Bradford Council.
    • It is surely time that the people of Yeadon had their own parish council, just as Otley has its own town council.
    • The clerk of the council is seeking advice on where the parish council stands.