Translation of park in Spanish:


parque, n.

Pronunciation /pɑrk//pɑːk/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in town)

      parque masculine
      • Meanwhile, down on the beaches and in the parks and gardens of the nation, there seems a remarkable readiness to accept the dictates of the safe sun crusaders.
      • It was in the 18th century that rulers in Europe saw the deteriorating health situation of people and started to establish public parks for recreation.
      • The water department is trying to recycle these sources of waste water for further use, such as watering parks and public gardens or street-cleaning.
      • With springtime dawning once again it's hard not to thinks of parks, gardens and being outdoors in nature.
      • As the sun is shining I will also take a walk around the town with its parks and gardens.
      • For many people, walking or sitting in public parks without fear at night is a treat.
      • This includes private gardens, parks, buildings, working quarries and arable land.
      • Flying kites has been forbidden in public parks and gardens throughout the city since the beginning of this month.
      • Youth workers and community leaders want to build an ambitious recreation area in the park but the priority seems to be to give residents their say in the project.
      • Some years ago we saw these developers build a lot of flats right next to our public park, Canbury Park Gardens, down by the riverside.
      • Our tour of the city began with a trip to the Menara Gardens, a public park containing a reservoir and a huge olive grove, popular with locals for weekend picnics.
      • Myrna and David visited a hillside azalea garden in a nearby park to walk the trails and get a feel for the different grades of slope.
      • The most striking ones are connected with the illegal giveaway of some public parks and gardens, he said.
      • Yesterday police spoke to residents who live near the park, searched gardens and sealed-off the park as they looked for clues.
      • The Board of Supervisors will consider a proposal today to ban smoking in the city's public parks, squares, gardens and playing fields.
      • In the afternoon, to distract myself I went for a walk round the park.
      • He would like to see more public parks and gardens where he could go to feed the ducks with his children; more facilities for younger people - and more child-friendly pubs.
      • To this end, vacant plots of land, broad boulevards, thoroughfares, public gardens, and parks are used.
      • Work includes care of public parks, gardens, painting of signs, sowing of flowers, shrubs, care of the graveyards, repair of paths etc.
      • The mayor spray-painted the pansies planted in public parks so they'd match the visiting nations' flags.

    • 1.2(in a private estate)

      (masculine plural) jardines

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    • 2.1US (stadium)

      estadio masculine
      • Bleachers surround the court, and the park is packed for every game.
      • Thus far this season, the number of homers in RFK is 36 percent lower than in other major-league parks.
      • He's moving from a hitters park inhabited by a wretched Royals squad to a neutral park with a good defensive team and pitching coach Leo Mazzone.
      • The shape of the park challenged left and right fielders in playing caroms off the walls on long drives by opposing hitters.
      • At most major league parks, there's enough padding out there so you don't have to worry about killing yourself.
      • There's still a long way to go, it's my dream to see a skateboard park next to every basketball court.
      • First, he was a child following his father around big league parks.
      • In 1998, Gonzalez played in the old Detroit ballpark, a park where home runs were plentiful.
      • Not to mention he accomplished this playing his home games in Yankee Stadium, a difficult park for righthanded hitters.
      • Right field at the park faces east, toward Baltimore's Inner Harbor.
      • When we first sat in the seats, I noted to my Dad just how similar the park was to Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.
      • He has not been that productive at Dolphins Stadium, a park considered unfriendly to lefthanded power hitters.
      • This should not happen in a park where the right field wall is 307 feet down the line.
      • That happened even though RFK Stadium was a big park, and the humid air in Washington didn't help the ball carry.
      • It appears that in most big league parks, the inside vertical line (closest to home plate) of the batter's box is not outlined.
      • The Southern League has favored pitching dramatically of late, though the Georgia outfielders will be playing in historically neutral parks.
      • The ball had plenty of depth to reach the park's famed left field fence.
      • Spink never left his office in St. Louis, but if you read his ghostwritten column, you'd think he was visiting all the major league parks.
      • The old parks had short fences, so it was easy to hit home runs.
      • Among those 163 players, Tony Womack is one of 94 who also hit a grand slam out of the park during their big league careers.

    • 2.2British (soccer field)

      the park el campo de juego

  • 3

    parque masculine
    • Incongruously, The Lost World is located in a bowling alley in a retail park on the outskirts of Croydon.
    • In the amusement parks on the outskirts of Chennai, huge crowds queue for a water ride.
    • Business leaders have welcomed plans to transform a patch of derelict land into an eco-friendly town centre business park.
    • Officers spent the day visiting retail parks, shops and pubs as the high-profile initiative continued.
    • The council has just purchased an industrial land bank linked closely to the existing industrial park in the town.
    • You'd think you were entering an industrial park when you visit New Brighton Park.
    • A series of pilots are set to begin at regional and national theme parks.
    • A new paintball and BB park opened on the property last Sunday morning with hardcore players turning up to take part in the specials on offer.
    • While they were in Montreal, they visited this huge amusement park called La Ronde.
    • It is thought to be one of the few municipal parks in the country dedicated to the employees of a single company, and it is the only known public park designed by architect Fred Rowntree.
    • We're here at the new aerotow flight park in western New York and the place is jumping.
    • Since the beginning of 2001, 230 multinationals have piled into the city's industrial parks.
    • Plans came and went that included high-rise apartments and an amusement theme park, however nothing materialised.

transitive verb

  • 1

    estacionar Latin America
    aparcar Spain
    parquear Latin America
    I'm parked around the corner tengo el coche estacionado (/ aparcado etc. ) a la vuelta de la esquina
  • 2informal

    (books/bags) dejar
    (books/bags) poner
    park yourself there next to granny ponte ahí al lado de la abuela
    • she was parked in front of the TV all afternoon se pasó toda la tarde apoltronada frente al televisor

intransitive verb

Motor Vehicles

  • 1

    estacionar Latin America
    aparcar Spain
    parquear Latin America
    estacionarse Chile Mexico