Translation of parking light in Spanish:

parking light

luz de estacionamiento, n.


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    luz de estacionamiento feminine
    • A police spokesman said: ‘The mototrists had broken the law by failing to display parking lights and the 42 fines given are non-endorsable.’
    • Above the bumper, NASCAR has allowed manufacturers to retain car identity by maintaining some characteristics of their street cars, such as headlights, grill and parking lights.
    • Never drive the vehicle at night with only the parking light on.
    • As instructed, he turned off the headlights and slowly groped his way through the icy ruts, squinting to see by the parking lights' feeble orange glow.
    • All vehicles in Iceland must turn on low-beam headlights and exterior lights or parking lights anytime they are driven.
    • Only his parking lights on, the biker ventured into the dark.
    • They do, however, switch from main beams to parking light.
    • Paul stepped into the silhouette of a parking light.
    • Do try to arrive before sunset so that your car lights won't disturb any observing in progress, and if possible, use your parking lights when leaving.
    • The vehicle's red parking lights illuminated its rusted frame and camouflaged trailer against the hill's silhouette.
    • Despite the Range Rover ahead leaving its parking lights on, I don't bother, figuring anyone coming along here has to be going slowly and with their lights on.
    • All the parking lights can be lit without the headlights being on, a useful feature for setting camp, working with a trail spotter at night, etc.
    • Also housed in the lights' polycarbonate enclosures are the parking lights, side-turn markers and daytime running lights.
    • DRL's or no DRL's, people do not turn on their headlights when needed, or they turn on the parking lights.
    • If it is raining heavily during the day or it is cloudy and dark, turn on your headlights or parking lights to ensure that other road users can see you.
    • Sometimes you have to ask the guy in the truck to turn his parking lights on.
    • Yet, they do not cross the highway to issue tickets to the illegal parkers, many of whom switch on their parking lights and leave their children in the back seat, trying to claim immunity.
    • Sharp new wrap-around headlights with ringed parking lights dominate the front-end, while a coupe-like roofline, rising sill line and distinct shoulder crease straddle short overhangs at both ends.