Translation of parkway in Spanish:


carretera ajardinada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑrkˌweɪ//ˈpɑːkweɪ/



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    carretera ajardinada feminine
    avenida ajardinada feminine
    paseo masculine
    • As I commute to and from work along the parkways and interstates, I place my trust in tens of thousands of my fellow Pittsburghers even though I do not even know their names.
    • Mr. Rockwell turned out of their street and took a right on the parkway.
    • You're driving down the parkway, heading to the beach, listening to the radio.
    • District councilman Lake Ray said the parkway eventually would connect Monument Road to the Arlington Expressway.
    • But I refuse to be a part of the madness that takes over the parkways and highways on the day after Thanksgiving.
    • Many of the early roads and parkways built in America were private and funded by tolls.
    • Robert Moses, a towering political figure in New York for decades, had already pushed through a network of parkways in the downstate metropolitan area and Long Island well before the advent of World War II.
    • The National Parks system includes National Parks, monuments, seashores, lakeshores, rivers, recreation areas, parkways, and several kinds of historic sites.
    • In July 2004, a slab falling off a deteriorated bridge in New York City critically injured a motorist on the parkway below.
    • The Civilian Conservation Corps was also responsible for the parkway through this area.
    • He planned to fill 172 acres of its bay side and reclaim enough land from all sides of the harbor-even at the foot of the bluffs of the north shore for a scenic parkway for automobiles along the waterfront.
    • He pulled out of the parkway and onto the freeway.
    • Most of the parkway will be open on schedule May 20, with some of the eastbound bridges due to open a month late and the westbound bridges due to open about six months behind last month's original completion date.
    • The Hudson River swamped westside parkways, where motorists whose cars were bobbing in the floodwaters had to be rescued by police officers on rafts.
    • It is a classic Moses park - ball fields, basketball courts, a red-brick field house - designed by his design czar, Gilmore D. Clarke, the landscape architect of the famous Westchester parkways.
    • Implicitly, the use of the word way on its own, rather than highway, parkway or freeway made the connection.
    • The parkways - and the gridded streets behind them - are interwoven with single-family homes, three-story row houses, and small apartments designed as three-, four-, and six-unit buildings, none taller than two stories.
    • Find a shady residential street or a parkway near a lake or creek.
    • I just wanted to get a look at what kind of person drove that slow on the parkway.
    • It also describes how nineteenth- and twentieth-century-plans for waterways and the Rock Creek and Potomac parkways were brought to fruition.