Translation of parochial in Spanish:


provinciano, adj.

Pronunciation /pəˈrəʊkɪəl//pəˈroʊkiəl/


  • 1derogatory

    (person/attitude/outlook) provinciano
    (person/attitude/outlook) pueblerino
    • But time has marched on, and we are all that little bit more mature, less parochial in our outlook, than we were back then.
    • How can a reader possibly be engaged by such seemingly parochial considerations?
    • Perhaps there are men or women of secret visionary ability in there, suffocating beneath the weight of mediocre debate and petty parochial feuding.
    • These are some of the parochial attitudes that must change.
    • They are parochial in their attitudes, limited in their views and legendary in their stubbornness and resistance to change.
    • We are sick of the parochial and patrician attitudes of those we elect.
    • Our view of the blogosphere gradually narrows, becoming parochial and staid.
    • Americans who have long been criticized for parochial attitudes have grown more interested in the world beyond their borders.
    • Grigor believes commissioners, most of whom are based in London, can be parochial in their outlook.
    • The candidates focused almost entirely on narrow, parochial issues.
    • Think of how grey, introverted, small-minded and parochial Scotland can sometimes be.
    • How long should he suffer these perennial indignities that seem part and parcel of involvement with petty politicians and a parochial press?
    • That we could rise above our narrow parochial shells to embrace the larger us?
    • The real political driving force behind these changes is the widespread realisation that the problems we face are not narrow, parochial problems.
    • Lawyers always have a narrow and parochial interest in expanding the domain of human activity subject to their cartel.
    • Western rationality and pride in democracy can seem an intolerable, parochial conceit to those whose lives have been so violently disturbed.
    • Five hundred years ago, the available tools for enquiry were distinctly limited by parochial geography and religious culture.
    • They have to drop their parochial attitude, club together and shape their own futures.
    • This is not a time for provincial or parochial attitudes; this is a time for us to pull together.
    • But it sounded very parochial, very small-minded, very irrelevant.
  • 2

    • A meeting of the parochial church council is to be held on September 17 and the legal move could be made then, or at a later meeting, said Mr Haskins.
    • The priest-in-charge and parochial church council have made the call.
    • The return of the chimes holds a special place in the heart of the parochial church council member, who has lived in the village for nearly 30 years.
    • Over the past few weeks clergymen and parochial staff have been terrorised by youngsters and church buildings plundered by thieves.
    • All proceeds raised will be divided between church and parochial funds.
    • She was a lively public speaker, a governor of two schools, and a member of Beverley Minster parochial church council.
    • The parochial church council met this week to discuss the damage and were told it would cost a minimum of £15,000 to repair the windows.
    • David Vowles, a member of the parochial church council building sub committee said he hoped that once work began more interest would be generated.
    • Councillors agreed to defer a decision on the flagpole to find out if the parochial church council was insured for the broken pole.
    • The move is being considered by some leading members of the parochial church council at trouble-torn St James's, Wetherby.
    • The cost of acquiring new land to expand had proved prohibitive and the parochial church council had no alternative but to close.
    • His application to the parochial church council led to an eight-month trial period and since then the clock has only struck on the hour during the night.
    • Each portion in the Plantation was designated a parish in the established church and provision for parochial land was incorporated into the scheme.
    • If anyone has a problem about transport they are advised to get in touch with any member of the parish pastoral council or phone the parochial house.
    • Workers are making steady progressing on the new parochial house beside the church in Enniscrone.
    • The book mentions many people and works to pray for, but its thrust is not parochial.
    • The abbey is expecting to run up a deficit of £10,000 this financial year, according to the parochial church council.
    • But to his disappointment, the offer was eventually refused by the parochial church council.
    • The parochial church council has unanimously rejected plans to move the 11 th Century church.
    • The vast array of suggestions were also presented to the parochial church council, which will now consider all the options before coming up with a final plan.