Translation of parse in Spanish:


analizar sintácticamente, v.

Pronunciation /pɑrs//pɑːz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    Linguistics analizar sintácticamente
    Linguistics analizar gramaticalmente
    Computing analizar sintácticamente
    • In analyzing some of the book's sections, we would have to parse each sentence!
    • They can parse complex words and sentences; but this parsing takes more work than reading simpler, clearer prose.
    • But the benefit might be limited to just an enhanced ability to signal process sounds and may not carry over at all into enhanced ability to parse sentences and understand, say, written language.
    • To prove that it does, try manually parsing the input string such as we did above.
    • You can't parse the sentence that way without adding a missing to.
    • Access may be provided through a DOM to a system with an addressable granularity of an XML document, by parsing the document.
    • But I learned how to parse a sentence, what the base pairs of DNA were, and I can still remember most of my French irregular verbs.
    • The classicists must have been boring their mates with this fact every four years for as long as they could parse a sentence.
    • But, of course, he offered no proof for this assertion, and is not known to be able to parse Arabic verbs.
    • Then, beginning readers learn to parse the printed word into graphemes and subsequently assign phonemes to the different graphemes.
    • After that, I'll need to adjust the ‘newsletter delivery’ program so that it can read and parse the new newsletter layout (in HTML format).
    • So instead to trying to parse the sentences as I read, I'm just reading.
    • To try to describe the story is a bit like parsing the grammatical structure of a joke.
    • Try as I might, I cannot parse that final sentence into anything like English.
    • I don't know what every part does, but there is pleasure in trying to parse a sentence in a foreign language.
    • We can parse the first sentence in two ways, but we naturally assume that Groucho meant to say that (he in his pyjamas) (shot (an elephant)).
    • Chapter 10 finalizes the discussion of methods and tools repeatedly mentioned in earlier chapters to parse the XML documents.
    • I know you tried to clarify it by repeating the word ‘strange’ and, if I have parsed the sentence correctly, that does seem to be the connection.
    • I'm sure there will be a generous amount of worthies stepping forward to parse every sentence, on the eternal quest for the definitive admission that it's over.
    • For instance, although Perl makes it easy to parse delimited text files with regular expressions, OCaml provides tools specifically designed for writing a compiler.
    • They parse sentences until a parable's plot crumbles into fragments, or they so domesticate the narratives that they become little more than helpful hints for daily living.
    • But it's important to note the placement of prepositions, how a phrase is parsed.
    • I'm not sure I'm qualified to parse that sentence.
    • You don't have to parse the sentences or measure vowel formants or anything time consuming, so the empirical part of the research just took a few minutes.
    • A grammarian would be challenged to parse that sentence.