Translation of part in Spanish:


parte, n.

Pronunciation: /pɑrt//pɑːt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(section)

      parte feminine
      the book is funny in parts el libro tiene partes divertidas
      • what part of France are you from? ¿de qué parte de Francia eres?
      • a lovely part of the world una región / zona preciosa
      • in my part of the world en mi país (/ región etc. )
      • the funny part of it is that ... lo gracioso del asunto es que ...
      • the worst part of it was that ... lo peor de todo fue que ...
      • part of me wants to forgive you por un lado quisiera perdonarte
      • for the best part of a week/month durante casi una semana/un mes
      • Bone mass often varies between parts of the body, so it is more accurate to measure the spine or hip than a heel or wrist.
      • Hounds were in ascendancy in the early part of the second half and Cygan went close yet again following a flowing move.
      • There would be allowance for influence both from the whole to the parts and from the parts to the whole.
      • The creator has shown particular parts or the whole of female bodies putting the accent on gentle contours and shades.
      • Viewing the story as a a whole piece instead of parts of a whole will be novel.
      • How do animals dictate the correct proportional sizes for their body parts?
      • His exhibition shows organs, body parts, and whole human bodies amid tasteful green foliage.
      • Just as the entity begins to consider itself complete, more body parts begin pounding on the door.
      • To seek to change that part of the scheme design may mean that other parts or the whole of the scheme benefits would have to be examined and changed.
      • If defence is a challenge to make the parts equal an impressive whole then midfield is a minefield of talents and egos where someone is sure to get hurt.
      • This philosophy allowed for an understanding that a part of the body could stand for the whole.
      • As if that wasn't enough the home side completely cut loose in the early part of the second half.
      • Sometimes he considers himself consisting of two parts sharing the same body and entity.
      • All Blacks had much of the pressure in the early part of the second half and got back into contention with a converted try.
      • In the early part of the second half Bolton had two tries disallowed and against the run of play Mayfield took the lead.
      • Water washed away whole parts of several main passage ways; the water that was supposed to have flowed inside a water canal!
      • It was more than a pleasant surprise and I ate a small part of my body weight in the stuff.
      • This was an idea enthusiastically taken up by the Fabians in the early part of the twentieth century.
      • The rule that a part equalled the whole day was not appropriate in this context.
      • Pay attention to keeping your body parts in proportion and you will always look good.

    • 1.2(integral constituent)

      parte feminine
      I'm starting to feel (a) part of the village empiezo a sentirme parte del pueblo
      • it's all part of growing up todo forma parte del proceso de maduración
      • to be part and parcel of sth formar parte de algo
      • This is a big step forward and it is an essential part of the proper control of a major hazard facility.
      • Uncertainty is an essential part of social work and managing uncertainty is demanding and stressful.
      • The arts and the national companies are an essential part of our rich and diverse society.
      • Once again, the nature of the orchestra itself is an essential part of this vision.
      • I think hard work is an essential part of life for all the Irish people who had to move to live in England.
      • The ending of tyranny and the extension of democracy are essential parts of any transformative programme for Africa.
      • It is an essential part of life that promotes activity and is a way of gearing up both the mind and the body.
      • Make the formation of a constitution a fundamental part of creating a community space.
      • Web sites are useful and an essential part of the internet experience.
      • I feel a commercially-viable High Street is an essential part of our community.
      • Because they both buy and sell in the district, they are an essential part of country life.
      • To omit what Paul himself would have regarded an essential part of his life seems rather offensive.
      • It is an essential part of the academic experience at the University of Waterloo.
      • Creating a station that's accessible for everyone is an essential part of making that happen.
      • Sharing a few beers on an evening is, I think, an essential part of going on a business trip.
      • One of Rivera's greatest gifts was his ability to condense a complex historical subject down to its most essential parts.
      • I don't expect cats to be free of the wild instinct that's an essential part of their nature.
      • I live in a terraced house so where am I supposed to garage this essential part of modern living?
      • Each side views its version of Tibetan history as an essential part of its national identity.
      • Gambling is a fundamental part of human nature - we all take risks in daily life.

    • 1.3

      in part en parte
      • he is in part to blame en parte tiene la culpa
      • in great part en gran parte
      • for the most part en su mayor parte
      • he was, for the most part, friendly en general era simpático

  • 2

    parte feminine
    two parts milk to one part water dos partes de leche por cada parte de agua
    • between 180 and 300 parts per million entre 180 y 300 partes por millón
    • equal parts of oil and vinegar aceite y vinagre a / en partes iguales / en igual proporción
    • Secure it into the soil at the nodes or bury a pot containing a mixture of equal parts sand and peat and secure the stem into this.
    • Use sea salt for its mineral content and mix equal parts with olive or sweet almond oil.
    • To get essential drainage if you don't have a rock wall, plant in a mixture of two parts sand or gravel to one part potting mix.
  • 3

    pieza feminine
    spare part pieza de recambio feminine
    • She is assembling electrical components, placing round parts into small square boxes on her kitchen table.
    • The Rover company took over in 1941, using the building to manufacture aircraft parts for the war effort.
    • You can see machine parts, insects doing battle, Japanese comic creatures without the colour.
    • Angered by the show of force, workers hurled stones, iron rods and machine parts.
    • This caused Olds to sign contracts with the owners of small machine shops to manufacture many parts for his cars.
    • Walking back inside the ship Clara began to carry out her machine parts.
    • He looks like a mad scientist putting parts on a new machine as he pours syrups and milks together.
    • That's just what researchers want for the mechanical parts of nanoscale machines.
    • He started peering around all the parts of the machine and even got down on his knees like he was an engineer of some sort.
    • These days the products include anything from machine parts and park benches to gates and supermarket cages.
    • The desert is very hard on aircraft, especially sensitive parts like rotor blades and air intakes.
    • With equipment parts manufactured by other companies, the demands it puts on its suppliers can be frightening.
    • By 1970, his graphics had become more abstract, although still suggestive of machine parts and typography.
    • Rendered in oil on top of this ground are ghostly diagrams of machine parts taken from technical manuals.
    • He cast machine parts and later translated that experience into brass casting.
    • The company manufactures auto parts for buses and other vehicles.
    • And he was kind of a genius at making the machine parts to put that plane together.
    • I let contracts for the manufacture of parts, assembled the sets in my apartment, and sold them however I could.
    • Electronics continues to be a promising sector, as well as motor vehicle parts and components.
    • Nevertheless, they are part of the one big machine, without which all the component parts in place, the machine would not work properly.
  • 4

    • 4.1(in play)

      papel masculine
      a bit part un papelito informal
      • he acted/played the part of Hamlet representó/hizo el papel de Hamlet
      • he's not sincere, he's merely acting a part no es sincero, está haciendo el papel
      • he just doesn't look the part no tiene el aspecto adecuado para el papel
      • if you're a manager, you must act/look the part si eres director, tienes que actuar/vestir como tu rol lo exige
      • Appropriate passages can be staged with costumed actors portraying the various parts.
      • The main requirement for the part is that the actress should have absolutely wonderful legs.
      • Writing her own roles also lets her go some way to making up for the dearth of good parts for actresses.
      • Her most illustrious parts were the title roles of Giselle, La Sylphide, and Esmeralda.
      • The shift is so complete and subtle that it is often a struggle to remind yourself that it is the same actress playing both parts.
      • Mitchell has managed to develop his part into the leading character, or was it Willmott who devised it that way?
      • Most of the time the dialogue is in the way of speaking of the actor/actress playing the part.
      • Actors and actress in costumes act the parts of emperor, empress, officials and guards.
      • Before war service in 1916 he played leading parts under Greet in the first regular Shakespeare seasons at the Old Vic.
      • Though the actress carried off the part like the seasoned professional she is, it was not all plain sailing.
      • The leading parts were played by Bill Holland and Claire Howell Daly.
      • The aspiring actress has landed a part in Coronation Street and her new role is poles apart from her old life.
      • All of my other actors and actresses with title parts please get on stage.
      • Both those characters wore masks, so the actors who played the parts really had no name recognition.
      • She is certainly a strong enough actress to play the part without that sort of gimmickry.
      • No, my problem is finding actors and actresses to fill the parts.
      • Despite the large numbers present it did not deter them from acting out each part to perfection.
      • The leading part usually drives the narrative forward but here the story comes at him.
      • The curtain goes up at 8.30 pm and one of the leading parts is played by local man Kevin Lalor Fitzpatrick.
      • The stories in Kabuki plays were usually not as important as the actors who played the leading parts.
      • Richard, 43, appears alongside Oakworth woman Katrina Wood in leading parts tonight and tomorrow.

    • 4.2(role, share)

      papel masculine
      she had / played a major part in ... tuvo / jugó / desempeñó un papel fundamental en ...
      • that played no part in my decision eso no influyó para nada en mi decisión
      • I want no part in it yo no quiero tener nada que ver con eso
      • to take part in sth tomar parte / participar en algo

  • 5

    for my part por mi lado
    • it was an error on his part fue un error de / por parte suya
    • to take sb's part tomar partido por algn
    • she took my part se puso de mi parte / lado
    • to take sth in good part no tomarse algo a mal
    • I must say he took it all in good part hay que decir que se lo tomó muy bien / no se lo tomó a mal
  • 6

    (section of book, play) parte feminine
    (episode of TV, radio serial) episodio masculine
    Printing fascículo masculine
    Henry IV Part One Enrique IV, primera parte
    • buy part one and get part two free compre el primer fascículo y recibirá el segundo gratis
    • Above average geeks will want to turn right to the second part of the book for the juicy stuff.
    • The book's four parts cover truth as fact, fiction, relationship and mystery.
    • The information is well organized, and each of the six parts of the book can be used independently.
    • The earliest television Hamlet was shown in two parts by the BBC on 7 and 14 December 1947.
    • Interestingly, the book's title is also the title of the second of the book's two parts.
    • The second part of the show will see the studio team go up against the top placed viewers as they vie for an overall jackpot prize.
    • The four major parts of the book provide detailed comparative studies of Gospel texts.
    • This reviewer found the most successful parts of the book were those on management techniques and on charging for external costs.
    • The first part of a special BBC docu-drama on the Brontës will be screened on Sunday.
    • The book's first two parts are excellent expositions on ancient religions and modern physics.
    • The judge said the publication of large parts of the book in News Limited newspapers largely destroyed the value of the material.
    • The frustrating thing is that Jew Boy is very much a book of two parts.
    • Introductory sections were added to provide integration within each of the book's four main parts.
    • The book falls into two parts, one on Palestinian Judaism and one on Paul.
    • Books were published in parts, as periodicals, with the added attraction of illustrations, for later binding.
    • Many of the historical details that Amyes presents in the first parts of the book which I especially enjoyed will be unfamiliar to most readers.
    • Le Grand is one of the commentators selected by the editors to introduce one of the book's four parts.
    • They began work on this in the 1930s and the first parts of the book are based on lecture notes.
    • The TV investigation, Running The Gauntlet, is being broadcast in two parts tonight and next week in the West Country.
  • 7

    • 7.1(vocal, instrumental line)

      parte feminine
      • Two parts are scored in treble clef and two parts in bass clef, with suggested instruments listed for each part.
      • You could assign the voice parts to instruments and lose nothing, and the form would become even clearer.
      • It acts in effect as a shorthand for reading the other orchestral and voice parts above the bass line and for playing the harmonies.
      • We want to take that beat and apply melodies and choruses and synth parts to make actual songs.
      • The melody in the tenor part was also often repeated, but not always to synchronize with the rhythmic repeat.

    • 7.2(written score)

      partitura feminine

  • 8US

    (in hair)
    raya feminine
    carrera feminine Venezuela Colombia
    partidura feminine Chile
    center part partidura al medio Chile
    • Straight parts and smooth ends flunked out as late-for-class looks rolled on to the runways.
    • It is they whom sport attempts to seduce with fashion shows and hot parts and haircuts.
  • 9parts pl

    • 9.1(area)

      in/around these parts por estos pagos informal
      • in foreign parts en el extranjero
      • she's not from these parts no es de por aquí

    • 9.2(area, capabilities)

      a man of many parts un hombre de muchas facetas

transitive verb

  • 1

    till death us do part hasta que la muerte nos separe
    • to part sb from sb/sth separar a algn de algn/algo
  • 2

    she parts her hair down the middle se peina con raya al medio

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (boxers/lovers) separarse
    they parted as friends quedaron como amigos
  • 2

    (lips/curtains) (open up) abrirse
  • 3

    (rope/cable) romperse


  • 1

    (payment) parcial
    part owner copropietario masculine


  • 1

    en parte
    I was part angry, part relieved en parte / por un lado me dio rabia, pero al mismo tiempo fue un alivio
    • he's part Chinese and part French tiene sangre china y francesa